Facebook remembers…

Just read my “On this day” history for 2012.

I might have been a little bit naughty.

Just a tad mind you!

One of my friends who shall remain nameless (male and thicker than poo!!) was posting that his internet was really slow.

Being “helpful” I told him his posts weren’t showing up and that he must be was having connectivity issues and to log off and back on again.

15 minutes or so later he tagged me in a post saying “can you see this now?”

Well really!!

Obviously I said no, I can’t see any of your posts and to try again.

We did this three times before I asked him who his ISP was and if he was logging in from his phone or a PC.

He said he was logging in from his phone so I told him that was great, he should call the Phone company and tell them he was trying to post on Facebook but a friend in the US replied to him saying she couldn’t read any of his posts and could they check their connection to the US to make sure the lines weren’t down.

He messaged me about twenty minutes later in fluent ancient Babylonian.

I was most impressed 🙂

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