My First Award!

Lookee what I got!!

What a lovely surprise, I was pretty gobsmacked to be honest but I do truly appreciate it.

I was nominated by two awesome bloggers, both of whom I would have chose to nominate so that’s a happy coincidence! Thank you both so much for nominating me. I’ve included links to your blogs in my list below.

The rules for accepting this award are quite simple

  • Write 7 interesting facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award.

I wanted to take that a little further and give a little information about why I chose my nominees. Everyone likes feedback after all!

7 interesting facts about myself

1. I’m a dreadful joker. I love banter, smart replies, puns and pranks!

2. I truly love cooking and baking. I love sharing my recipes as I absolutely believe the best way to be remembered is with good food.

3. I’m originally from England but I now live in the frozen wastes of North America. It’s been quite a culture shock. Don’t believe ANYONE who thinks the two countries are the same!

4. Are we there yet? This is HARD!

5. I am a voracious reader. My ex used to make me buy books by who wide the spine was because I read them too quickly!

6. I detest winter. I think I’m actually a lizard because I don’t even take my cardi off until it hits 75f

7. I love driving. I’m pretty sure I was a truck drivers dog in a previous life.

Phew! That’s over! On to the good bit!

My nominators

DTB Mom Blog – a blog with encouraging and motivational posts

Historian Ruby – absolutely fascinating, well researched stories. I really love and highly recommend this blog

My awesome blog nominations

Pearls and Grit – fun, uplifting, great advice, interesting – really what more could you want.

Gregg Savage – absolutely brilliant kids stories that I have to tell you, I’m really enjoying too.

Floating Gold – one of the first bloggers to offer support, constructive criticism and encouragement. Very thought provoking well written posts. I’ll always read these first.

Quirky Kay – what a fun lady! I love getting to share her days!

Slimming Jo – the trials and tribulations of slimming and families. Absolutely hilarious.

Twenty Nine, Twenty Nine – I read the brightest star in the sky post and was hooked. I’m longing to read more. Utterly captivating writing style.

Mr Samuel Hyde – I don’t even know how to describe this. It’s an episodic story with beautiful illustrations and it just draws you in.

Our Surrogacy Journey – brutally honest, incredibly brave. Utterly compelling. I.can’t.not.follow

Shitty First Drafts – Trying to find your place in the world is tough. Watching someone else is intriguing.

Knackered Dad – interesting posts with great advice and extremely helpful to new bloggers.

Life of Wife – it’s like looking through the window of someone’s house and watching their life. Great for a slightly homesick immigrant!

There’s Something About Nancy

Fun, upbeat, zany, energetic, infectious!

Non Alcoholic Student – well written, interesting posts. Fascinating seeing the world from other perspectives and younger eyes.

Mongo Worldwide-totally NOT something I would have picked to read – which just goes to show how stupid prejudices are! Infectious enthusiastic posts. It’s a joy to see someone enthuse about subjects I’m totally ignorant of.

Trucking with Hubs – a couple travelling all across the US.. with pics?! Who could seriously not want to see this?!

14 thoughts on “My First Award!

  1. CongratZ!
    I really like it that you wrote a few words about your nominations. Makes it just that bit more extra special. Some of these people I already know and can attest that their blogs are awesome. Those that I have not met before I will definitely check out, so thanks for that.
    Oh, and thank you for the nomination and the appreciative words. It means a lot.

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