A New Challenge – TV for Plague Victims!!

This challenge originally comes from Ray of RayNotBradbury. She wrote about tv shows she watches when too sick to read and challenged A Guy Called Bloke. He took up the gauntlet and ran with it then threw it at me – the contagious brute!

The challenge is to share your three favourite shows by her suggested subsections of energy, mood and watchable qualities. That’s too much thinking for me, I’m just going with three favourite make-me-feel-better shows!

The shows should be the ones you want to watch on the boring days when you are sick and don’t feel up to reading.

I can honestly say that’s never happened to me! I’ve had days where I haven’t been able to hold a book because of locked cramps in my hands but I’ve improvised!


• No more than 3 tv-shows

• Mention the stars you like in each show

• Add pictures if you like

• Humor is welcome

• Nominate some people – as many as you like

• Ping back to Ray’s post so she can see where her challenge has gone. To do that you just need to insert this hyperlink into your post:


Three suggestions for consideration are:

• When you’re too sick to hold a book

• Still sick, but starting to feel better.

• You are on the road to recovery.

I’m not really a big tv watcher. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, or The Office, The Walking Dead, Orange Is The New Black or any of those other shows people rave over. I watch (when I remember) NCIS, Law and Order SVU, and Criminal Minds. There have been shows I’ve loved but I’m seriously the kiss of TV Death for shows – anything I love gets cancelled! This just means I have my viewing on either Netflix or DVD.

So three things I love to watch when I’m having a snotfilled pity party..

Absolutely love The Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. I love the time period and adore Poirot and Mrs Bradley Mysteries as well. Miss Fisher is brilliant though. I am totally fan-girling Miss Fisher but the entire cast are superb and they totally feel like people I long to know.

Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries

Warehouse13 I’m still peeved this is done, it was such a fun series about collecting artifacts that were dangerous in the world. I loved it and how it captured my imagination.

Warehouse 13

Mrs Browns Boys This is absolutely for when I’m getting better as I’ve laughed until I can’t breathe at this. I love this, absolute hysteria (adult humour but mostly tongue in cheek innuendo) This clip has me literally crying with laughter every time.

Mrs Browns Boys

I’m nominating:

The Book Keeper

Jane Ridgewood

Fiction In My Head

King Bens Grandma


The Pensieve

Please don’t feel obliged – I thought you’d enjoy this! I don’t want anyone to feel pressured

20 thoughts on “A New Challenge – TV for Plague Victims!!

  1. Excellent selections Britchy. Havde never heard of Warehouse 13, Mrs Browns Boys l have never truly understood. But Miss fisher l truly loved, the style , panache and humour and was saddened when the show stopped. Miss fisher now lives in England with her husband so a new series [4] seems a long way away. They were talking of a film or rather a trilogy which would be absolutely brilliant 🙂


    Have you seen Agent Carter – that is on Netflix and that was great fun, but finished at Season 2, production for season 3 is who knows…


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  2. cool..thx for participating:)
    btw, just wanted to add: I personally have really heavy influenza’s lol and flu …its my kick-Rays-ass disease. I usually can’t breathe at all, for 2 days or so, and have difficulties to open the eyes. So I never read 😂😂

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    1. Ugh you poor thing that’s rotten! Apart from migraines when I can’t read or watch tv or even have a light on, I’ve never been that sick that I can’t read – after reading what you go through I feel very lucky!

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  3. I’ve never heard of any of them, but I will check Mrs BB out over the weekend, because it seems like something I might enjoy quite a bit. I can’t find anything to make me laugh on TV anymore.

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