Having Coffee With Hermione Granger

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this interview. It was delightful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Isabella Hume

I’d spoken to Ms. Granger’s secretary to arrange the meeting with her. I’d been a little dubious about the phone number I’d been given to call – I didn’t think wizards and witches had phones – but nonetheless it had connected and I’d spoken to a very kind gentleman on the other end. He’d requested that I would swing by to her office, as it was improbable that she would have time to step away, being as busy as she was. I agreed, because I would do whatever it took to have coffee with one of the most famous literary figures in existence.

I had been given rather odd instructions about heading to a phone box in a rather run down area of London. Not being from the capital it took me a while to find it (I got off one tube stop too early and had to walk further…

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11 thoughts on “Having Coffee With Hermione Granger

  1. I would have coffee with a dementor if they could simply start off the exchange each morning with a simple… hello coyote, how are you today?

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      1. Been a long time since I have. I used to teach staff how to make coffee by getting them to make one for themselves. Some things in life are as simple as putting myself in another’s shoes.
        Seems to be impossible for some now. So brilliant it is terminal and imminently disastrous.

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  2. All about buying the stairway…. to heaven.
    If half the women in this city all had an orgasm on the same night with a man in the room… our ambulance services wouldn’t cope.

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