Spam! …or How WordPress thinks I talk too much!

I follow a lot of blogs.. an awful lot of blogs in fact! I also leave a heck of a lot of comments. I got told five or six times yesterday by people that they’d found comments I’d made in their spam comments folders – on checking WordPress help pages I found that ‘excessive’ comments do start going into spam folders!

I’m not going to comment less because I know how much others comments mean to me however, I would advise you all to check your spam comments regularly because you could be missing out on feedback!

If you don’t know how to check, go to your ‘my sites’ button and scroll down to ‘comments’ you’ll find all the comment folders there to check through!

75 thoughts on “Spam! …or How WordPress thinks I talk too much!

    1. I think when it’s just some, it may be how a person has their comment settings configured. I just had so many people actually take the time to tell me they hadn’t ignored my comment, that they’d found it in ‘spam’ that I knew there had to be more who hadn’t even told me. I have my comments set so I have to approve the first comment anyone ever makes but thereafter comments go straight through. I also chose to allow only one link per message but I wanted to keep them as restriction free as possible

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  1. Wait, like an actual spam folder on WP and not via email???? lol I feel like this is an asinine thing to ask but I didn’t know!! I do have mine set up to monitor new commenters…but usually if it’s someone who is a “regular” it just pops up. Who knew? Also, I don’t think you talk ENOUGH Britchy!! 😂💜

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  2. I can’t thank you enough for this. I had no idea about the Spam folder in Comments. After I read your post I thought I would check it and found a really moving comment someone had left. Luckily it was only a day ago but I would have been absolutely gutted to have missed it and horrified if they thought I was ignoring them! Thanks again – an incredibly timely post for me.

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  3. I had this happen to me recently and I don’t even make that many comments. It happened just between one other writer and myself and both of our comments ended up in either the spam or the trash. I don’t check these regularly and was horrified to be perceived as ignoring someone. I highly recommend regularly checking both spam and trash. Thanks for posting Britchy! I don’t feel alone in this now lol

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  4. Good call. Way to bring it to peoples’ attention. I now check my spam folder every day. Mainly to get rid of all the actual spam, but also to free any accidental comments that Akismet (in their great and wonderful stupidity) has decided is spam.

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  5. This is funny. I just finished working with WP. They had somehow turned off my “follow” button. They fixed it (with your blog). Now I just have to remember the others I was trying to follow. 🙂

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  6. I’m not actually sure why this is. When it happened to me the first time (when my comments didn’t appear, and I knew it went to people’s spam), I WAS talking a lot. But I feel like there were times during which I wasn’t. So, who knows.

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  7. Oh wow! I’m not sure if I’ve ever ended up in someone’s spam folder on here, but I’ve definitely had a few bloggers randomly end up in mine. Every once in a while it’s a blogger who leaves a link so I guess I can understand that, I had no idea that they accounted for how often you comment… I guess you learn something new every day.

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  8. Thanks for the reminder. I knew about the spam folder but I forget to check it daily. Recently I found a few in there and I feel bad about it. Another weird thing happened recently: some comments have disappeared. I saw them but I couldn’t reply right away. A few hours later, the comments were gone. I checked in the spam folder but they were not in there. Is this ever happened to you?

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