The Lunatics are Taking Over The Asylum..

Happy Thursday! It’s a beautiful day here in upstate NY. I think a spot of vitamin D therapy is on the cards for this afternoon. Here is today’s throwback offering to my time in prison! All will be explained!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Many years ago, when I was still living in England, I worked for Her Majesty’s Prison Service. I was a clerical officer and dealt with a wide range of services from Throughcare, Prisoners wages and Education to my main role which was Discipline.

Yes I was a Discipline Administrative Officer in an all male prison! That’s a hell of a job title to live down I’m telling you! We had a lot of fun though. I’d get calls all day long from various police forces checking release dates and court dates etc. You quickly learn who the biggest perverts in society are too! It’s policemen! If I had a £ for every time one has said “Discipline huh? Is this Miss Whiplash?” Well – let’s just say Elon Musk would be shining my shoes!!

It grew to be quite a Competition, who could make who uncomfortable first. I shared a…

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4 thoughts on “The Lunatics are Taking Over The Asylum..

  1. Bahahaha, I so needed that laugh. I’ve missed your posts; being absent under huge, life changing stressors.
    Having worked in ‘Corrections’ NZ for a stint, in admin, I can SO relate. I find even the name farcical….’corrections’…a place full of ‘offenders’! I think there has to be a blog in that!

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