Friday 13th Tag – Beware of the Britch!!

I was nominated by that Guy Called Bloke to take part in his Friday 13th Challenge. Here’s how it works:

Each Friday l will ask 19 new questions, and nominate 3 bloggers of my own who will answer 16 of my questions, but insert 3 questions of their own and answer those as well, so that they are STILL answering 19 questions. They in turn will nominate 3 bloggers of their choice, who will answer 16 of the 19 questions asked by their nominator, insert 3 new questions and answer those and then choose 3 new bloggers. By the time the week is up, and the next time l design a new questionnaire, the old 19 questions should not resemble the previous weeks at all.

The Rules

1] Thank the nominator

2] Answer Q1 – Q19

3] Nominate three bloggers of your choice and notify them.

4] Each selected blogger MUST answer 16 of the asked 19 questions, but also insert 3 new questions to make up the 19 compliment. Every time a new blogger is selected they MUST only answer 16 of the asked 19 questions as well as answer their own 3, and choose 3 new bloggers. Each time a new blogger sees the questionnaire it will be completely different to the next blogger along.

[Hint: delete three of the questions you don’t like or have no answer for and insert your own in its place]

5] Q20 & Q14  Must always remain intact.

So here are the questions!!

1] Which horror movie monster do you think is the deadliest? Tom Cruise. I haven’t seen a film with him in it where I haven’t wanted to cold bloodedly murder every member of the cast.

2] Which serial killer do you find the most fascinating? I think that would be Jack the Ripper because he was never caught and to this day, no one really knows who he was.

3] Would you rather know the date of your death or the cause of your death? The date definitely!

4] Would you rather be eaten alive by wolves or eat another human alive? I think I’d prefer to be eaten. I don’t know how you could come back from killing someone by eating them alive.

5] Would you ever stay the night in an abandoned house that everyone claims is haunted? I already did and nothing happened except vast consumption of junk food and soda – it was the lived in houses I had problems with!

6] Have you ever tried to contact a spirit with an Ouija Board? No but some of my friends did. After that they had terrible things going on in the house and eventually had it exorcised. That still didn’t stop bad happenings though. I was very very sceptical – until I stayed there overnight. Once was enough.

7] If you were asked to film a new horror movie, what would the plot be? I’d create a film where a girl meets a guy and likes him so they start dating and then the bad stuff starts. It builds and builds to the worst possible conclusion… they get married *shudders*

8] Have you ever seen a ghost? I don’t know if it was a ghost or not but does this count?

9] What’s the strangest meal you have ever eaten? Probably horsemeat in France

10] Would you rather have an arm hacked off or a leg? I think a leg because otherwise I couldn’t hold a book and eat at the same time

11] What is the creepiest book you have ever read? Ghost Story by Peter Straub. That scared me so much I slept with the lights on for months.

12] What is the scariest music you have ever heard [provide link] Carmina Burana From The Omen or this

Scariest Music EVER

13] Do you believe in life after death? Yes I do. I also believe not enough people live while they’re still breathing.

14] Which 3 questions will you be deleting to add your own in?

17, 18 and 19 What’s your biggest fear? If you found yourself in a horror movie, would you be one of the first to die or the survivor? And What’s the best Friday 13th prank you have ever pulled off?

15] Which urban legend scares you the most? Probably some of the political ones about people behind the scenes creating a new world order.

16] Have you ever knowingly or unknowingly been inside a haunted house? Yes although whether it was haunted or possessed is up for debate. I have also had unexplainable things happen in my own homes.

17] Have you or would you ever go to see a medium? I haven’t but I would like to. I’m sceptical but curious too.

18] Do you believe in the Occult? Yes. You can’t believe in good without bad, light without dark.

19] Are you superstitious? Somewhat, I won’t jinx myself by saying stuff out loud sometimes or walk under ladders. That’s about it though.

20] The three bloggers you are nominating are?

I’m choosing three people I think will have fun with this! There’s no pressure, if you don’t want to do it that’s absolutely fine 😊 No deadlines either

All The Shoes I Wear

No Love For Fatties


23 thoughts on “Friday 13th Tag – Beware of the Britch!!

  1. Oh this seems like SOOOO much fun! I really love how you get to change three of the questions! As much as I would have loved to answer your questions, I can’t answer at least 75% of the questions 😢 I’ll have to abstain this time! But thank you so much for thinking of me!

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      1. Excellent! I can tell you that my mom thinks I did see a ghost once (she says angel but I’m still gonna share!) I was playing in her bedroom and talking to someone and she came in and asked who I was talking to and I said that man with the red hair and pointed to the corner and no one was there haha

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  2. How fun is this…the red eyed man….scary when I read that. gosh I believe in the after life. I have well my family has had a lot of contact with the other side. true story…should write about it one day..on what I remember she has said to me…plus what has happened to your answers…its good to be skeptical ….because you look at it as maybe/maybe not… I throughly enjoyed this post xx

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