The Ho-Er at Moher..

Since it’s Thursday I’m sharing one of the posts from my first month of blogging!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Although I was born and raised in England, I spent large portions of my life in Ireland. My parents moved there and built a house when they retired so that’s where I go to visit my Dad these days.

My Dad has always been somewhat deaf but it’s worsened with age to the point where he now can’t hear at all. It’s quite hilarious as he thinks I now talk with an American accent (I don’t!!) My brother told him I sounded American as a joke and he believed him. I can’t disillusion him because he thinks it’s great! He always says “You do the talking” when we go places as “The Irish love Yanks!”

Sadly, as his deafness increased so did his volume and he could now go into battle with the foghorn on a cross channel ferry and win! Let’s just say subtlety isn’t his strong point..


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