Lookee, Lookee At Who Got Lucky!!

I’m so lucky! I actually won a prize for signing up for something for the first time ever!

The lovely Jane at Jane Ridgewood created a lovely giveaway to launch her #readwithJane book club and Etsy store which you can read more about here Read With Jane

I received my prize yesterday (with super fast delivery I have to say!) – and they’re gorgeous! They look way better in real life, photos don’t quite do them justice.

This was everything together. Five bookmarks, a sticker (will NOT be used for nefarious purposes I promise!!) and a postcard that will definitely be ending up as another bookmark because yes, I AM that reader who can have five – six books on the go at once. (Zero impulse control. I blame my mum)

The front and back are printed and although only one is shiny, they all look wipeable. They’re sturdy too.

They’ll waaay beat the receipts and envelopes I’ve been using forever and they’ll make me look all refined and educated and gentile-like. Who knew bookmarks could be so cool? I’m already sticking my little finger out while drinking tea! (I won’t lie, it’s usually a completely different finger…)

I used my favourite as my header to the post and I’ll post a close up of it at the bottom but it was a hard choice because I really like them all and I won’t share! I think it was the little comment on the back that clinched it! I love the flowery one too and the one with hearts and the day dreamer and #blessed. These definitely get a thumbs up, high five, glowing endorsement from me and I am truly grateful to Jane for such a great quality product. I would definitely recommend them.

40 thoughts on “Lookee, Lookee At Who Got Lucky!!

    1. That particular bookmark is actually one I currently give away for free on my website. 🙂 It’s also made with a slightly different finish. It was the first bookmark I ever designed and at the time I had them made I wasn’t sure about adding the rounded corner effect or not on it.

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  1. Congratulations!
    Bookmarks are a thing, aren’t they? I’ve started reading print again (I’ve been an e-book addict since the SO bought me a Kindle), and I can’t find a bookmark to save my life. I’m using ones I got free from the library.

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  2. Oooh congratulations!!

    Now you just have to leave them in a place you can actually find them when you need a bookmark! I have quite a few beautiful bookmarks, but I STILL find myself using receipts or envelops!!

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  3. Ahhh!!! 😀 Thank you a million times for your kind words on the bookmarks! ❤ You are AMAZING for this and you seriously have just made my whole entire week so much better!!!

    Congratulations again love! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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