PSA: “Liking” Comments on Posts.

You know how it is – you read a blog. You love a story and you go to comment.

There’s a lot of comments there already so you read through them and some of them are hilarious! You click like on a couple, you reply to a couple of comments as well as making your comment and all’s good with the world. Reading others comments is fun and you get to find new blogs you like sometimes so it’s a win all round.

Then there are the blog readers who just click like on your post. They enjoyed it but maybe they don’t have time to comment or just don’t have anything further to add. That’s great too! I don’t always have anything to add (honestly!! This may be a revelation but sometimes I don’t have anything to say. I can hardly believe it myself but there you go.) That’s still cool because you know you’ve been read and that’s our (my) sole objective.

YOU are all excellent blog readers! Don’t change a single thing, interactions with you are what make blogging fun. Consider yourself prized and loved.

Then there are The Others.

You heard banjos didn’t you?!

There are those who get to the comments and like every single bloody comment. Even the replies ….Even the replies they are just a 😊.


Seriously?! WHY ARE YOU LIKING EVERY SINGLE COMMENT? Please stop. You are blowing up my notifications. You are doing NOTHING of any value. You are being seriously annoying and you need to stop.

This adds no benefit to a blogger at all. You may think you are driving up someone’s stats but you aren’t. Likes on Posts are measured as a stat. Likes on comments aren’t counted.

You do get notifications of them though and hence this post. I had 40 plus likes on comments on one post last night. Not a single comment was left in this splat session by the offender – they just liked every comment AND my replies to each commenter on a thread. EVEN THE BLOODY EMOJIS!!!

I woke up to over 100 notifications and you know what’s sad? My heart sank because I knew the seagulls of WordPress had struck again!

At one point I’d have been ecstatic about 100 notifications. Now when over half of them are from one person every day.. it’s just grim.

I LOVE COMMENTS! Make no mistake! I reply to them and I value those conversations as the best bit of blogging.

I LOVE LIKES! My heart smiles when I see a post get a lot of likes. I love it when you like a friends comments as well as adding one and really join in the conversation! If it’s a big conversation then ABSOLUTELY click like on comments as well as replying to help indicate exactly what you’re replying too. Those conversations are the best best bit!! I’ve read comments that are perfect and I’ve clicked like!

I’ll ‘like’ someone’s replies to ME even if they’re only a 😊 because I’m acknowledging them and letting them know I’ve seen it. Liking every single comment on someone else’s blog is a no no though. Please don’t do that.

137 thoughts on “PSA: “Liking” Comments on Posts.

    1. No!! We have great conversations! You comment more than just about anyone except maybe Rory! I’ll admit, I go through threads reading but I try not to add more than a couple of likes because my attitude is if I like stuff that much then I should comment! Ive started saving posts to go back and comment if I’m out of time or reading on my phone while waiting on an appt etc. That’s a very useful tool. One thing all these comment likes have done for me though is teach me to be a better blog follower myself!

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    1. My thoughts exactly. I was like: “Britchy, I can’t believe you set yourself up for that.” (goes to Like every comment) But I realized that my silliness isn’t worth Britchy’s torn nerves. She might start screaming, and I like my hearing.

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      1. Oh, give me a break. They were not worth it, if that puts them off.
        Also, remember that they don’t read posts in the first place. So they will probably like your post, like the comments, and keep on doing it like nothing happened.

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  1. I always noticed this on the old WP community pool. There were a few folks that would just go through and ‘like’ everything. Whyyyy!? Whhhhyyyy!? I never understood why folks do this, but I agree it’s pretty annoying.

    I guess they are hoping everyone will go through and click on their blog to see who ‘liked’ them!?

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    1. I think you might be right – although on the community pool it can be a useful guide as to how far you’ve read! That was kind of a very different structure so I’d give a pass to likes there based on people using them as marker pegs to keep their place.

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      1. That makes sense for the main comment (as in, “I’ve read this post, but I don’t have much to say on it, so I’ll give it a like”), or just to mark your place like a bookmark…

        But it makes less sense for liking ALL the replies below it.

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    1. One of the bloggers I follow did that recently, but what happened (I don’t know if it’s a direct result) is that no one is able to reply to the comments through the site. Only in your notification panel in your own thread.

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      1. That’s odd. I wonder how you’d set that up? I like commenting being ‘easy’ because if someone is going to take the time to say something I don’t want to make them jump through hoops to do so

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  2. Well l do know it’s not me, l do like other people’s comments on a lot of posts admittedly. In truth l am probably guilty of not liking enough, well l like them, but l don’t press like enough, or maybe l do, but l only like what l am reading because what’s the point of liking something if you haven’t read it?

    But l get where you are coming from, only today some ‘lovely person decided to like 43 of my posts at once! i didn’t like that, stop doing that, no seriously stop it. no not you, or you, no, you’re okay as well, but it’s that little face turning the cheek, yeah, yeah, yeah you!!! You didn’t read them, because some of those things had questions!

    But l know this post is also about liking the comments, because l have seen that done, l have even seen dots been liked never mind funny faces 🙂

    This is a Reblog, because l like it!

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      1. Yer!

        We learn lots of things with hands on experience Grandma B [lol, that has a ring to it better than Grandma Itchy! I am rolling over here , there are tears!]

        But trust me l do understand, l am guilty of lots of things but not that 🙂

        Ps: … just for the record it wasn’t me, was it? I know it wasn’t Tales from the mind of K lol 🙂

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    1. I don’t get it. If you “like” something after reading the whole post in an email notification, even though choosing “like” sends you to the person’s blog, that doesn’t “count” as a view? I usually read & like in my emails because it’s easier than going to individual blogs.

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      1. Good to know. I’m not paying any attention to stats, so I didn’t realize how closely other people are watching theirs. Wouldn’t want to artificially inflate (or deflate, for that matter) anyone’s stats!

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      2. That’s true. Impossible to miss notifications. I wish there was a way to pick & choose which blogs to get email from. Some I want, some I don’t. It’s a pain to slog through them all sometimes.

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      3. No not at all! I often ‘just’ like a thread or a comment within it. I just don’t like every single comment and every single reply on a post. If you look at the replies on this post (or any post) and picture someone clicking like on every sublet one – that’s what I was referring to!

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      4. I hope so, Lana. Although I think I’d rather see a “read” stat than a “view” stat, if I were paying attention to stats. View seems to be just a brief stop, not long enough to actually read anything!

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  3. I agree with your sentiments. I haven’t had it happen to me (yet…or hopefully never!) so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. PS – I only comment when I have something to say, those moments when I can’t add value, but I liked reading the post, I Like it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic!

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  4. THIS DRIVES ME INSANE, BRITCHY!!!!! It’s okay if it’s a couple as someone is getting the hang of things…sure! But don’t be a serial liker. Because newflash: no one likes it. It’s sad, like you mentioned, and absolutely obnoxious. I don’t think people are actually reading them (either at all or even carefully) I think the majority are engaging to get more followers. This used to happen all the time in the Community Pool. I don’t run into this problem too much anymore. But it does crop up every now and again. I always try to leave comments when I can and I try to add more content than a simple “great/love it/nice” kind of comment. Sorry this is happening to you; all the same, at least you could make a post about it. Happy Tuesday!

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    1. Exactly! Sometimes there’s something to add or a funny thought to share – or even to disagree but at least that’s reading! I like a lot of posts, I don’t always have something to add but that’s probably quite a relief !

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  5. You know, I used to think “Yeah, that was a good comment I made!” whenever someone liked one of my comments on someone else’s blog – and then someone liked a smiley face and the “I’m brilliant” wind left my sails. I don’t think I have my notifications set up that I get notified for those kind of likes. So they don’t offend me so much as a blogger (I don’t know about them) just as a commentor.

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  6. This is funny. Last night while I was on WP, I noticed a certain new follower liking all my posts. It was nice and all. I guess it counts toward stats, but whatever. It’s not the same when you know that they aren’t really reading all of those posts, possibly not any, and that’s what we really want, right? Good post, by the way. And I left this comment without liking the others! 😉

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  7. I turned notifications off on my app so I’m not alerted anymore – I can still see them, however, I need to physically go into the app (not literally, of course) and see my notifications. I still haven’t switched off the emails though 😦 although I don’t have email notifications on my phone either.

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  8. I’m not one to read other peoples comments, but I’m sure this has been said at least once up there in all those comments I just scrolled past: I hear you and I hate this too!! Haha

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  9. So I just got a like on a comment on a third party blog post from A WHILE back. I get comment Likes from this person every now and then. Admittedly less than I did in the past (phew). However, I went to their blog and… I guess it must work for them, because they started off with just a few followers, after spam Liking my comments on ALL sorts of blogs, their followers increased to over 1k. Now, after just a few months, there are more than 5k more followers.

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  10. After five minutes of scrolling down to leave a comment, I see what you mean. However, spometimes, as in Danny’s questions I really do love the responses and do like them for acknowledgment. I’m also comment or reply on a lot of them, like a real conversation. Relying on the likes, the comments is not what it’s about for me. Every time I think I’ve written something silly and fast I’m surprised it gets minors responses. I don’t think people here in general read long blogs and stories. What’s your take on it?

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    1. I find people like both. I enjoy shorts but I do look forward to settling in with a long read too. I will wave my hand yelling meeee too regarding comments! Honestly, they’re the best bit sometimes and I will never stop liking the ones that are great – just not every single comment! I love joining in the conversation too. The comments section of people’s posts is where I’ve found some of the blogs I’ve loved most and equally, I’ve had a lot of people check my blog out from comments I’ve left so they’re just fab no matter how you look at it!


  11. Hah that’s a good one, I’ve actually only just started noticing this myself on blogs, including mine. It’s odd! I wonder if it’s so it notifies the person who’s left the comment, they see the email, click it, go on to look at that person’s posts… Only potential benefit of doing it that I can see.

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  12. I have never had enough likes and comments to get annoyed so I admit I am a bit jealous……it must be a nice feeling! I am soon approaching my one year blogging anniversary and am thinking of packing it in….cross that off my bucket list….done and dusted.

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  13. “…the seagulls of WordPress” Love it!
    I’m old school, if I take the time to find you and read your blog? I comment. No drive by likings for me. It might be inconsequential drivel… (like this) but damn it, I make the effort.
    You’re welcome.

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  14. A couple of months ago, before wordpress I was using an app called wakie, it’s a social alarm clock app where you can wake up to a call from a stranger from another country… People also started posting topics and now it’s a big community with clubs, group calls and lots.. Basically if you use it properly it’s a great app for cultural sharing… Now why am I commenting this here.. Your topic on spam likes reminded me of wakie, because holy shit people were craaazy with their spam likes..most of the posts are shit posts but people spam liked anything and everything to get noticed.. Sure there were some genuine people and I developed my writing hobby only because of wakie but most were outright annoying, bombarding the notifications. Trust me this spam like case is way down and mitigated over here on WordPress when compared to wakie

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  15. So much truth to this post!!!!! But can I also add that sometimes I get the feeling that people just hit LIKE so that you’ll go and like and read and COMMENT on their blog? But they didn’t comment on yours. So it’s like. Ok. Did you scroll through and hit like on everyone’s posts or did you legit click and read the post?! Hmmmm. I don’t know. I get more excited about the comments and the interactions. I feel like LIKES are so easy but require no commitment you know? I don’t know. I’m ranting. That’s all I’m good for anyways! Ahahahah

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