Game On – Food Glorious Food!

Game On – S2 was created by A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

This twice weekly game will be 21 questions or in truth 16 flexi questions, because there will be five permanent that must stay in place at all time.

But apart from those 5 permanent questions, should you choose to reblog, then you can change any of the other 16 questions or create 16 of your own, that’s down to you, however you must stick to the Daily Topic Subject.

The Rules …

1] Leave the Permanent Questions [PQ] always in place PLEASE.

2] Reblog should you so desire

3] If you do reblog, a ping back would always be welcomed so l don’t miss it.

4] This is a non tagger/non nomination game.

This is quite simply a small question game. The questions are not specifically that taxing, or they might be if you don’t like questions as many don’t however, they are just here for trivia based fun.

Q1] What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten? Weird is a state of mind! The things I tried thinking they’d be disgusting we’re actually pretty awesome like French fries dipped in Wendy’s chocolate Frosties. That’s totally fabulous. Honestly the weirdest thing we eat is eggs. I mean – who ever saw where eggs emerge from and thought yeah – I’m eating that?!

Q2] What was Cheerios original name? Byedebyes? TTFNIOS? Sayonara flakes?

Q3] What is right when eating Pizza – eating the slice as it is, or folded? As is. I can’t fold it without causing pizzageddon

Q4] In hot dogs which is better Ketchup or Mustard? Both and onions and sauerkraut too. I’m an equal opportunities toppings employer

Q5] If you had to explain to someone who had never cooked ‘Scrambled Eggs’ in their life – how would you explain that  …. through mobile phone text? By text you say?! Well..

1/5 Crack a couple of eggs into a bowl and beat with a fork or whisk until well mixed.

5/5 serve on top of buttered toast with 1/2 bottle Chohula.

2/5 Season to taste and add a good splash of milk. I know it’s not scrambled milk but adding cow juice makes the eggs softer and not hard and rubbery.

4/5 pour eggs into pan and let set slightly. Stir cooked bits into liquid bits until it’s almost completely set and remove from heat to finish cooking. You can return to heat if necessary but don’t over cook.

3/5 Chuck some butter in a frying pan and let it melt. Swoosh it around to cover the pan.

Q6] Watermelon – salted or unsalted which is better? You do mean defiled with vodka don’t you?! Salted as well is spectacular.

Q7] Who in your opinion is the best TV Chef? In the US I’m going with Ina Garten because I lubs her and her recipes really work. I love her cookery books and want them all. In England it can only be Nigella because she’s divine.

Q8] How do you eat your Oreo Cookies – split apart or just bite into them? I toss the filthy things straight into the toilet and cut out the middle man. I truly believe the company making them also makes those charcoal biscuits for farting dogs. They are the same people!

Q9] Everyone loves a sandwich, however when it comes to cutting them in half do you do so diagonally or straight? Diagonally because I don’t care about physics and all that jiggery pokery – triangles are bigger!!

Q10] Spaghetti is best eaten twirled around the fork or cut up with a knife? Either! It depends if I’m sitting at a table or eating with a book on my lap

Q11] Pecan – a simple word in itself and yet there is a huge controversial debate on pronounciation – so is it  “Pee-can or is it Pick-ahn? Peeeeeeeecan! I think it’s a regional thing but if you’re making pie you can call it what you like when you give me a slice!

Q12] What is your most favourite quote with regards food that sums you up the best? Give me the cake and no one gets hurt …umm – Let them eat cake by Marie Antoinette I guess!

Q13] What is the main ingredient to Gingerbread Cookies? Flour

Q14] Which country is the second biggest market for fast food – China or Canada? I’m guessing China because they like sum ting kwik whereas Canada… eh?

PQ15] What is your favourite meal to cook and explain why? Probably Christmas dinner because the whole family is together and I get to go hog wild baking and creating.

Q16] What is venison? Isn’t it where you get vaccinations? In your venison deer me(et) do you know nuffink?!

Q17] True or False – Beefsteak is a variety of Tomato? True dat. I love a nice big grilled ‘mater with my steak!

Q18] It’s Halloween, and you need to make a Jack-o-lantern, so you need to find a ? Jack Sparrow – Phwoarrr!

You can make do with a pumpkin though cos you’re not as gourd as me

Q19] Are humans omnivore, herbivore or carnivore? Omnivore. Mainly because of cake

Q20] Are you deleting any questions, if so which ones? Nope, nada, zilcheroo

Q21] What is another name for Sweet Corn?
Yellow poop nuggets? I know. I’m amaizeing!

34 thoughts on “Game On – Food Glorious Food!

    1. I grew up with very different chocolate biscuits…Waaaay nicer ones! The white shit-in-da-middle is too sweet and the black charcoal biscuits just taste of disappointment to me. I like English Bourbon biscuits for a cream filled choccie bikky but my heart (and gizzard) belong to McVities Chocolate Homewheat! Or Chocolate Hobnobs come to think of it..


  1. YAAASSS with the hot dogs and the sourkraut! I wish I could find just a small jar here instead of the HUGE “all my relatives from across the world are coming to this bbq and even this is too much” jars that I always see in the stores haha

    But the oreos? Really?! I love them!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Never disappointed! NEVA!!
    Well done, Cheerios were originally called Cheerioats 🙂

    Q8] How do you eat your Oreo Cookies – split apart or just bite into them? I toss the filthy things straight into the toilet and cut out the middle man. I truly believe the company making them also makes those charcoal biscuits for farting dogs. They are the same people!

    Totally true dat!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well it said the recipe was via text message and I don’t know about your exalted service but mine always mixes the parts up so I did too!
      I’m the person who tried French fries in a chocolate frosty – why are you surprised at salted watermelon?! Actually since watermelon tastes so similar to cucumber it’s pretty much the same with salt
      Spaghetti – If I’m being a slovenly mare and shovelling food in my face with a book six inches from my nose – cutting the slimy stuff is a necessity! Actually I prefer just about any other pasta shape so spaghetti rarely gets cooked

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I got the scrambled txt reference after reading the first 3 points twice, because I wondered how is it that you serve your eggs right after mixing them.

        I’ve heard of french fries dipped in shakes. Thought it was weird, and then tried it… Still not something I would normally do, but it’s good. Salted watermelon, though? I’m skeptical. Watermelon tastes like cucumbers? In what universe? Just because they are both watery?

        Liked by 2 people

      1. I have never read any of the Jack Ryan books. Only the movies “The Hunt for Red October” and now “Patriot Games”. What are the books like?

        Liked by 1 person

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