Music To Take A Buggers Breath away – Literally!!

He’s at it again! Rory at A Guy Called Bloke has created a Halloween challenge- music to murder by?!

What would you choose?! I’m not tagging anyone in particular because I think there’s a lot of you that would like this and I don’t want any of my tribe to feel excluded! I’d really love to see what you can come up with though!

So here’s my choices, enjoy!

I Don’t Like Monday’s by the Boomtown Rats. I was really little when I first heard this and was both stunned that anyone would make such a song and a little bit scared about it. I loved the song though and yes I’ll admit. I wouldn’t have been at all upset if my teacher at the time, Sister Ann got it in the head! Jeez she was a bitch..

How can you NOT love Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks? It’s such a fabulous song if you’ve ever had an ex who was a scumbag! I am not a Dixie Chicks fan, I think they’re vile man-hating shit-spewing intolerant hags – but I like this song

Janeys Got A Gun by Aerosmith. Steven Tyler has such a magnetic voice. I have loved Aerosmith for a long time and this is from one of my favourite albums, Pump. Fingers crossed it’s never Britchy’s Got A Gun!

Delilah by Tom ‘Phwoarrrrr’ Jones (seriously the man’s a knicker flipper) Not only is this a great song for killing a treacherous lover, it has such a GREAT chorus to stab them to! Why, Why, Why.. DE LI Lahhh!! Admit it, you’ll be doing the Norman Bates Psycho routine and singing this all day won’t you?!

Don’t Take your Guns to Town by Johnny Cash or if I personalize it, Don’t take your gun to a shoe shop if you’re likely to kill for those shoes…

Dark Lady – Cher. The Potions Queen Of New Orleans… Yeah, I can totally see myself spinning around laughing maniacally with a black lace mantilla on my head, dagger in hand while this plays in the background and my ex is spreadeagled on a pentagram (fully clothed or I might take pity on his sorry ass)

….did I just say that out loud? Whoops.

Coward Of The County by Kenny Rogers. ‘Not a Gatlin boy was standing’. Whats not to love??

In The Ghetto – Elvis. This song makes me so sad at the spiral of wasted life. Murders a bad idea kids (unless you have a cast iron alibi and/or untraceable poisons.)

The Banks Of The Ohio – Dolly Parton. My mother loved Olivia Newton John singing this but I think she’d have loved this more. Dolly Parton’s version is haunting. Unrequited love – the reason for many a murder.

And finally once you’ve done the deed, you need a place to cache the corpse… River Deep, Mountain High – just a thought!

19 thoughts on “Music To Take A Buggers Breath away – Literally!!

  1. I think Fuck You with Lily Allen would suit well while I kill that dude… Can’t decide who though but I’ll get back to you. And maybe Dancing Queen because it’s so damn happy and everyone loves it. I will laugh a scary laugh and it obviously has to rain.

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