Sunshine Bloggeration

I was nominated twice for a Sunshine Blogger Award by both Jenni at Housewife Hustle and Kristian at Tales From The Mind Of Kristian Here are their Questions!

Here are Kristian’s Questions first

1 Do you like Halloween? Yes I love it! We always had Halloween parties as kids so it’s always been fun for me. I always held Halloween parties for my kids too and would end up making a week of it. Halloween comes at the end of half term in the UK – a week off school. I’d always end up with their friends staying the entire week. There was a core 17 friends that would stay but that would be supplemented by neighbors kids on various nights. The most I ever had sleeping over was 28. I don’t know who had more fun, them or me! Those parties are still legendary for those kids which is a source of great delight to me.

2 What method of murder do you most like to see in films/movies? Poisoning. Nothing beats watching someone find out they’ve ingested poison and have minutes to live! On film of course! Nothing like that’s happened around me… yet. Mostly because of Fear Of Prison if I’m honest.

3 Horror or Comedy? Horror if it’s scary but not gory. I love supernatural type horror more than guts and gore. I do love a good comedy though. There’s no better medicine than laughing until your stomach hurts

4 What’s your favourite thing to do with a pumpkin? Carve it so it looks like it’s puked! I only cook very small ones, the bigger ones are no good for cooking. I do like curried pumpkin soup though.

5 If you could choose between ruling the world or living in paradise which would you choose? Live in Paradise. I don’t want to rule the world, that has zero appeal. I could shop it though?? *hopeful*

6 What human trait do you like the most? Kindness/Compassion/Love. It’s all the same thing really.

7 Which human trait do you dislike the most? Prejudice or a closed mind. Same thing really again. It leads to everything else. Prejudice is pre judgement. You’re making your mind up unfairly. If everyone took a step back and LISTENED to each other, really listened – not just waited for their time to talk – we’d learn there really aren’t any differences between us at all. I learned one of my most important lessons from a man long dead. William Shakespeare. Shylocks speech about prejudice in the Merchant of Venice moved me to tears. “If you cut me, do I not bleed?” We’re all human. Any other categories aren’t necessary

8 If we discovered an inhabitable planet and had the option to start a new life there, would you? No. That’s a bit too much like camping for my liking. I’ll go once they’ve got hotels and shopping malls and Dunkin’Donuts etc.

9 Do you believe in ghosts? I believe in some kind of spiritual entity not necessarily figures of people though. I blogged about one experience here but it hasn’t been my only one. The Red Eyed Man

10 Have you ever had a recurring Nightmare? Share it with us, if so. I think it’s the same kind of nightmare many have had. I’m either trying to get somewhere and I just can’t move/move fast enough, I’m trying to walk/drive etc but I’m not getting anywhere or something bad is in the house and I can’t get to my family to save/warn them.

11 If you had to remove either Halloween or Christmas from the calendar so no one could celebrate it ever again, which would you choose? What a rotten choice!! I really enjoy both but if I gave to lose one I’m going with Halloween because I couldn’t bear to part with Christmas.

Jenni at Housewife Hustle also nominated me and here are her questions

1. Why did you start blogging? I was bagged into it by friends who claim I should write a book. That’s way beyond me but writing for a blog is fun.

2. Do you plan to still be blogging in 5 years? If I’m still this side of the daisies, I’ll be blogging! If not maybe I’ll be an internet legend of the horrors you can find online!

3. Favorite time of the day/night to blog? Whenever an idea occurs and I gave time to act on it

4. What movie would you watch on repeat? Mamma Mia, Dirty Dancing, Hocus Pocus.. fun stuff.

5. What would you do if you hit the lottery and the prize was at least 1 billion dollars? Let’s just say Santa would need a gofundme for back strain!

6. How do you destress or improve your mood when you have a rough day? I prank people. De stresses ME anyway!

7. What is your favorite childhood book and your favorite book now? I’m going with Enid Blyton or Laura Ingalls Wilder because one book was never enough. I was an even more voracious bookworm as a child than I am now. I was reading way in advance of my age so a lot of adult books were childhood favourites too. Now, Agatha Christie, F Paul Wilson, Deborah Harkness, Catherine Cookson, Jill Mansell, Juliette Harper, Christina Jones. They’re the first two* I thought of but by no means the last. Quit with making me pick one, it brings out my inner brat and I’ll have a tantrum.

8. What is your guilty pleasure? Reading – especially when I should be doing something else!

9. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? I’d be a cat. I’d still be an asshole but I’d be cute and I could claw people without getting arrested.

10. What would you say to someone who was mean to you when you were younger? In the words of Toby Keith – How do you like me now?!

11. Who inspires you the most? That’s very easy. The greatest woman ever to walk this Earth – The Ever-Wonderful Lil

*I have NEVER said I was good at Maths

33 thoughts on “Sunshine Bloggeration

      1. Ooooo-er…I know you are awake so I am going to ask your opinion – is it a very politically incorrect thing to refer to “the male totty” in a TC advert. I typed it in a post and I a scared I am going to have a hundred complaints about it when I wake up tomorrow?

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  1. This came up in my WordPress Reader timeline last night but I didn’t get a chance to read it. I had to search for it today because it fell to the bottom of my timeline because of so many other posts. I’m glad I looked for it though because I just knew your answers would be even more interesting than the questions. Always a pleasure reading you, Britchy.

    P.S. I especially loved your answer of “prejudice”.

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  2. Congratulations and I loved all your answers. That red eyed man post was creepy. Cat answer made me laugh. My little rescued cat punches. I am always warning people who pick her up thinking she is a kitten, then POW she punches them in the face. I think she hates being referred to as a kitten. She is seven years old now, wonder what that is in human years.

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