Reader Request Friday’s!

My fellow blogger, Bottomless Coffee gave everyone the option last week to ask him anything. He’s going to make it a weekly thing where people get a chance to pick the topic and then ask questions on the topic. The first topic chosen was himself so we all asked him questions about him, his thoughts, likes etc. You can read about it here.

He challenged all of us that questioned him to give the same to our followers..

So! Here it is.

Between today and tomorrow you can pick any subject you like that you’d like to see as the topic for next Friday. Choose any subject you like from food to education to what makes me tick. Which ever one gets the most people liking it is the one I’ll go with.

I’ll announce the subject on Sunday and then you can submit questions via the comments on the thread until Wednesday. Then I’ll post the answers next Friday! Go easy on me!

23 thoughts on “Reader Request Friday’s!

  1. You could combine those two excellent previous ideas into this one: Everything YOU like so much that it makes you FALL for it. Since Christmas is coming you could present it into a Holiday gift/attitude guide: what to give and to whom… Put together a list of your personal favourites…Food products (I know you could say a lot about the stuffing for turkey), Gratitude & Acts of kindness, Music (please find a solution for the Jingle bells music in the stores as it drives me crazy), the perfect gift wrap for toddlers (because we all know that’s what they’ll be playing with more then the actual toy that grandma has given), etc. Christmas gift guide are usually utterly soulless but this one I know would be funny.

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  2. So many great ideas already…looking through what other blogger have suggested
    …yep would definitely be lovely to know more about you,
    …and kindness and gratitude always make great subjects – we need more and more of that!
    …and a post on education – what should be on the curriculum according to Britchy would be a treat!

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