What Do You Want To Know?!

In keeping with Rakkelle and Bottomless Coffee I’ve decided to stick with the ‘Ask me anything’ theme. Let’s see where it goes!

You can ask any questions here in the comments section between now and Thursday and I’ll answer them on Friday – here goes nothing!!

56 thoughts on “What Do You Want To Know?!

  1. Here we go:

    1) What’s your name? (First name only).

    2) How many children do you have? Ages?

    3) How old are you?

    4) What made you leave England?
    What year did you leave?

    5) What do you love most about your husband? I know you can list a million things but name just one thing, the thing you love the most.

    6) List your 3 best physical features?

    7) What is your personal fashion statement? Like a sentence that describes your personal fashion.

    8) List your top 5 movies? Which is the best movie you’ve seen in the cinema for 2018?

    9) Broadway or no? If so? Favorite play you’ve seen on Broadway.

    10) Why are you drawn to my Blog? You’re one of my loyal followers (as I am yours). Why do you read me every week?

    Have fun with those. Let me know if you want more.

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  2. Dang, Rakkelle is soooo nosy!!!! LOL. I’ll stick with my question for you Britchy. Education and your thoughts.

    1. Things that you would change?

    2. Things that you would keep the same?

    3. How would you try to establish a model for achievable success, based on your own lessons learned from life?

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  3. YAY!!

    1/ how are you
    2/ heard that you have a FB, can I join?
    3/ Planned anything for christmas yet?
    4/ Do you like foreign music?
    5/Do you like surprises?

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  4. 1. Where are you from? I know across the pond but, Shire?
    2. Where did you meet ‘im indoors?
    3. Have you and Titselina Bumsqueak done worse than “shoe a cop”?
    4. What is your occupation…besides comedienne?
    5. Fave flower?
    6. Play any instruments?
    7. Ever published anything besides this blog?
    8. Any family with you here in the states or are they all still across the pond (besides kids)?
    9. What schools have you attended?
    10. Any veterans in your family?

    Too much?

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