Reward or Retribution?!

Finally, after a month of avoiding me and lurking in broom cupboards, Goldie at The Daily Flabbergast has realized resistance is futile and has returned to our happy little WordPress community. I’ve missed our Goldie so this makes me very happy, I don’t like it when my favorite bloggers go awol. I think I have sheepdog DNA…

She-He-It (it’s like that kid called ABCDE, pronounced AB-c-de, this one is pronounced Shee- it in the hopes of encouraging Goldie to part with more details lol)

Anyway, our prodigal Blogger thought it was a good idea to nominate me for some award type – flangeymahflipflop-dillydoodah-jobbywotsit-thingummyjig. I think it’s so I’m quiet for five minutes while I fill it in..

So here’s me questions and answers!

1. What scares you? Being good. That shit’s unnatural. Gangs terrify me. Not just here in the US but in England and Ireland too. Snakes. I’ve always disliked them but a couple of unconnected incidents now have me petrified. Hospitals.

2. If you could guarantee living until you’re 100 years old, would you? Only if I’d be in good health with all my marbles.

3. What would your dream vacation be like? There are still so many countries I’d like to see for myself but one I really want to do is a road trip through every state seeing all the places and friends I want to.

4. What’s your morning routine? Wake up.


Crawl out from under all the animals who think I’m a mattress and stagger to the loo.

Check the time. Go back to sleep or get in the shower

Get dressed then make oatmeal for myself while mainlining coffee. Try to remember to add nutmeg and not curry powder. You’d think I’d only do that once but nooooo.

Feed animals while oatmeal is cooling.

Sit and check email etc while drinking 5th cup of coffee and eating oatmeal.

5. What is your biggest motivation? I like the luxuries in life. Eating and having a roof over my head.

6. What is your favorite time of day and why? I don’t really have a favorite time of day. If I had to pick I’d say mealtimes.

7. When do you write most and why? (day of week, time of day, etc.) I don’t have a set schedule. I write when I think of something or when something happens I want to share. I’ve been suffering a lot with headaches and double vision since the middle of October and that’s slowed me down.

56 thoughts on “Reward or Retribution?!

      1. Nope I’m driving down to get him and bringing him back! My daughter will be coming too so I’ll have The unheard of luxury of splitting the driving! I’ve become really good at managing with the eye patches now.

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    1. Both my shoulders are still very painful but I don’t want to schedule surgery until I know what’s going on with my noggin. It’s not fun but I think it makes sense rather than potentially getting in a pickle. At the moment I think the head stuff is more important than a ‘mechanical’ injury but thank you so much for asking 😊

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      1. Not too bad thanks – surgery wise it is fine. The arm pain is still there as I keep sleeping on it and my attempts at physio are few and far between, but it’s going in the right direction.

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  1. ROFL! Congratulations! Curry powder instead of nutmeg – oh, boy! Have a glass or two of water ready nearby whenever you prepare your oatmeal just in case.
    Loved your answers. They were hilarious!

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  2. What a wonderful intro. Whoever that “Goldie” is, they must be blushing right now.
    I admire people who have the time to do so many things in the morning. Or maybe I’m just not that efficient, after all…
    That Sam Sung pic is awesome.
    Thanks for doing this!

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  3. Oh, you are a better woman than I am. Oatmeal? OY. I’ve tried, at various times in my life, to eat oatmeal. I. Just. Can’t. No matter what I flavor it with, it just tastes like dirt and slime. I don’t like oatmeal cookies. I don’t like oats floating in my cereal. Ick.

    Now, I’m with ya’ on the coffee mainline, the farting and staggering to the ‘loo’ (that is such a cute word) but, I only have to out maneuver one 20lbs ginger tomcat to reach the floor. The VN vet is in possession of ‘the other side’.

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    1. I love oatmeal raisin cookies! Oatmeal has been a lifeline for me at times. When my stomach has been diabolical, Oatmeal has been one of the few things I could eat. I’m kind of surprised I like it too. I love it with either chopped apple, raisins and honey or with dried cranberries and walnuts. Mostly I just eat it plain though


  4. Loved reading your answers. You’re naturally funny. I wouldn’t say I’m “scared” of snakes, but after a couple fairly close encounters (once nearly STEPPING on one!), I’m not overly fond of them (although I was never fond of them in the first place). I would have to say my favourite time of day is nighttime (you know, when I’m asleep) & my favourite times to blog are Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (although to you Yanks it might look like Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

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