Blogging for Insomniacs!

Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith has asked A few nighttime questions… so I answered them…

1 What is your favorite nighttime snack? I think it would be Hot Chocolate, Ovaltine or Horlicks. I love hot milky drinks when I want to get sleepy.

2 Porky Pig or Miss Piggy? Oooh no contest! I love MissPiggy. She’s ruthless in love bless her baconated little heart!

3 If you were Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, would you have made it to the Emerald City? Absolutely! Ruby Shoes and an Emerald City? I’d have been looking for a Sapphire Zoo and Diamond Smiles

4 If you decorate a tree for Christmas, what kind of ornaments do you prefer? I’m a bugger for sparkles. I love glass/crystal looking ornaments, wooden ones, glass and wood or metal. I stick to a mainly red, gold and crystal theme but I’d love to have two trees so I could go wild with a second – my family love the red and gold and said I ruined Christmas the one year I did a tree in different colours! The only thing I wouldn’t change is just white lights. Somehow I love those best

5 If you were to kill someone (and get away with it), how would you kill them? I would get one of those ginormous bars of chocolate and freeze it rock solid. Then I’d clobber someone smack in the kisser with it. I’d melt the chocolate and use it to make cakes and brownies for the lovely detectives investigating the dreadful crime

6 If you could hitch a ride in the Tardis, where/when would you go? I’d go back to Christmases when I was a kid and live the fun all over again

7 What is the oddest dream you have ever had? I dreamed my niece had measles. She didn’t but I was absolutely convinced it was real. We’re going back 28 years but if someone asked me now I will STILL say she had measles before realising I’m a big, fat, hairy liar AGAIN!!

8 Do you believe in the monster in the closet? I don’t think anyone should be condemned to the closet. We fear what we can’t see, if you bring them out of the closet you see their not a monster, just someone a little scared and unsure just like us.

9 Have you ever played strip poker (or another strip game) Nope but I guarantee you if I did, I’d cheat!

10 How long can you let a wrapped gift go before you open it? If I know there’s an unwrapped gift in a cupboard it can be there six months. I won’t look. Once it’s wrapped however, my curiosity knows no bounds and my resistance is impossible! I’m very likely to sneak!

11 You have to buy a book for another blogger, what do you buy and who for? I’d buy ‘How To Kill Your Husband And Other Handy Household Hints’ by Kathy Lette for all my Male blogging friends as a Cautionary Warning!

12 What was the last book you disliked and why? Yikes I can’t think of any – other than the blasted ‘Magic Lamp’ crap

13 Is there a song that gets stuck in your head every time you hear it? ‘The Sound Of Silence’ by Disturbed. Their version is haunting and I love it. That and ‘Something Inside So Strong’ by Labi Siffre. I absolutely love that song.

14 What is your favorite thing to buy at a movie theater concession stand? Sour Patch kids or sweet tart rope thingies, Charleston chews, Swedish fish and a bucket of popcorn.

15 Did Grandma get run over by the reindeer? Well I wasn’t supposed to tell but… Grandma and Frosty were having a freaky circus sex thang. He spanked her with his carrot and well, she had to explain the marks somehow!!

54 thoughts on “Blogging for Insomniacs!

  1. Fantastic. I can’t believe your tree looks so similar to mine. I have a red and gold theme too, with a star on the top that looks the same as yours. I have red berry lights though, so when it sits in the bay window the neighbours think I’m running a business 😉

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  2. Wow, I’m just laughing and cringing at the same time with that last answer.

    Does the sugar from such drinks, in your first question, keep you awake? I’d be afraid I’d get buzzed and all antsy from it…

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    1. No I rarely have sugary drinks, as you know, my fellow Coke Zero fiend! Even when I have hot chocolate etc it’s the light/sugar free versions. I just really don’t like sweet drinks, somehow they make me thirstier so prefer my sugar in cake!

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  3. Oh I am the same with my Christmas tree! Simple white lights, red and silver ornaments. But I just have a super small one. If I had a bigger one, I’m sure I’d branch out into random ornaments. Right now, there simply isn’t any space to do anything else haha!

    And that last photo, the BDSM Snowman, is giving me life today! OMG I love it! haha

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  4. Such an entertaining read.
    Is that a photo of your tree? I like it.
    Growing up, the tree always had colorful lights. I didn’t know any better, so I enjoyed it. But once I saw the light (the golden white (not the white white ones)), I couldn’t go back. I find that the older generations in my family still prefer the colorful ones. I now think they’re tacky.

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    1. That was my tree last year. I haven’t put it up yet this year but it’ll be pretty much the same. We always had colorful lights as kids but I loved the Christmas Tree in Trafalgar Square with purely white lights. I thought it was magical and even as a kid, I always wanted my tree to have white lights like that when I grew up 😊

      I never actually did the growing up bit but I have white lights nonetheless!

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      1. It’s so true. I know it’s cliche, but Christmas is still magical to me (not as much as when I was a kid, but still). I understand that people want to start the celebrations ASAP, because it’s the season they like, but I’m like you – you just don’t appreciate it as much.
        One of my pre-set radio stations started playing ONLY Holiday songs with the beginning of November (!!!). Another one started playing them the day after Thanksgiving. At least wait until December 1st (I bet when I drive tomorrow all radios will be filled with jingle bells.).

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  5. That is a nasty snowman! Have mercy…O.o Can’t…unsee…

    I can see the Lifetime Movie, now…”The Chocolate Murder”.

    If you get into the TARDIS, come get me. I’m all in for Wibbly-Wobbly-Timey-Wimey stuff!

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