Twenty Questions

As you all probably know by now I kinda like questionnaires! Teresa at The Haunted Wordsmith posted a list of questions and well – it’s my catnip!

1. What is the worst topping someone could put on a pizza? I’m not really a pizza fan to be honest. I belong to the ‘I like pineapple on pizza’ cohort which is an anathema to others. A pizza is only an open sandwich and if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know there isn’t much I haven’t added to (other peoples) sandwiches at one time or another so I’m going with boot polish.

2. If you could change the size of a body part, what would you change and how? Definitely my bladder. I have a squirrel bladder so pretty much anything will be an improvement.

3. Would you rather be seen as beautiful/handsome or smart (not saying you can’t be both)? I’d rather be seen as kind. Beauty is fragile. There’s mere millimeters between beautiful or hideous. There’s so much more to people than the positioning of their skin over bones. Being smart is wonderful but not if you don’t have compassion with it so I’ll choose kind.

4. Santa knocks on your door on December 4th – what does he want? That blasted elf on the shelf is SUCH a tattletale. He’s getting a swirly on the 5th. Watch me. Santa called to tell me to stop mooning the elf cam.

5. What is the worst gift you have ever received from someone? My ex mother in law bought me a cookery book. So far so good – it was One is Fun by Delia Smith. She obviously knew my ex was having an affair and he left the day after New Year’s Day. I made sure I gave it to the POS when he left.

6. Beach, mountains, desert, or plains? Beaches definitely with mountains second. I wouldn’t care for either of the other options.

7. If you could reset human migration, would you and why/why not? Nope. I wouldn’t change anything. There’s good and bad in the world. I happen to think the good outweighs the bad. There are some terrible and wonderful things in history. It’s all part of our learning. We need to remember learn and move on but we won’t if we keep destroying evidence of the past. I wouldn’t change our journey to here – but I’d stop people erasing our footsteps.

8. Has a book ever made you go WHAT DID I JUST READ? If so, which book? I was given a book by a co worker that was doing the rounds of the office. It was very graphic sex with a dreadful story and utterly repellant. The book was Ambition by Julie Burchell who can only be a truly depraved person to think up the filth in that book. I absolutely oppose burning or banning of books but if ever there was a book that served no purpose and had no value this was it.

9. Which movie best describes your life? Going by the title – As Good As It Gets. I would like a lot of things and experiences and I know there’s more to come but my life right now is happy. I’m content.

10. Do you play a musical instrument? No. I had diabolical piano lessons with a nun from Hell. My hands are too small for the piano so that was never going to work. I always wanted to learn to play a guitar though.

11. What is your favorite thing to do in December? Watch Christmas movies and bake to my hearts content!

12. What is one thing about you that would surprise people to learn? I can be quiet. I have the ability if not the intention.

13. Pawn shops…like, love, hate, other? I think they make money off people’s misfortune.

14. Hollywood called and is casting your favorite book (pick one :))…who is playing the lead (and what book is it)? A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I would want it made with unknowns though because no one I can think of is ‘right’

15. Would you ever go on a cooking show? Not on your nelly. There is no way I’d want to be on tv.

16. What do you like on your hot dogs? I like chili or mustard, fried onions and sauerkraut. Once in a while I like ketchup on them but not as a regular thing

17. Steak, chicken, pork, or something else? All of the above and lamb, goose and duck too!

18. What is your favorite post written by a fellow blogger? This is too hard. I like many blogs for many reasons. I can’t put one above another.

19. What is the most outrageous response you can think of to finish this: The cat just ____” …climbed up the cork wallpaper and crapped in the back of the tv.

That would be outrageous but it actually happened with a cat, Timmy Two Eyes that we had when I was little.

20. What kind of posts do you wish you could find more of? I love true stories that are cringeworthy. It makes me feel better to know I’m not the only one!

50 thoughts on “Twenty Questions

  1. Baking and Christmas movies… YES… count me in!!! That saying… “Not on your nelly” is something I enjoy hearing too. Nice post and great answers! 🙂

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  2. I had so many responses for this but now that I’m at the end all I’ve got is “why did you name your cat Timmy Two Eyes?” LOL omg great answers!!

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    1. We had a stray cat that came to live with us and I woke one morning to find kittens in my bed.. four kittens in total! She was called, most originally,Pusspuss so the kittens got all my naming glory at the age of five. We had Nigel, a little black cat, Spitter, a black and white cat and two extremely floofy tabbies. They both had gooky eyes so needed them cleaned daily. We had Timmy One Eye and Timmy Two Eyes. Of course, eventually both had clear eyes but by that time I’d gone off my fried Timmy so they were Elaina and Miss Egan (after my teacher at school) Funnily enough they were both boys but heigh ho!

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    1. Geese can be extremely violent. I used to always read stories in the news about kids being attacked in parks by them. We always had a goose on either Christmas Eve or Boxing Day as that was one of my mums Irish traditions. I looked for one here a couple of years ago but they were $70!! A goose has a larger skeleton so comparatively much less meat than a similar sized turkey. The goose was actually dearer per pound that filet steak!

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      1. Mass produced bread has some nasty ingredients. And, if you want some really good flour, look for Jovial. Italian company. They grow this ancient, non-hybrid diploid species. There are some small scale growings here in the US but, they are controlled by Universities for research. There is some speculation that even celiacs can eat it. Most common wheat is so hybridized that it is nearly indigestible unless fermented for sour dough.

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    1. He’d climbed up the wall out of reach and my dad was trying to swat him with a tea towel to make him come down. All he did was scare the cat into pooping into the back of the TV which, unsurprisingly, wrecked it! Ahh happy days!!

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  3. 1. I’m with the anchovy crowd. Most people give me the ‘Kermit the Frog’ face.
    3. AMEN
    7. AMEN, again.
    9. I always identified with Allison on The Breakfast Club.
    10. Flute, when I was a kid. I could read music @ 10.
    11. Who eats all the baked goods?
    12. I prefer the loud you.
    14. Hellyweird would foul it up. Better have it made overseas.
    17. No seafood?

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    1. Oh there’s always a home for baked goods! I give most away as gifts or the kids and ‘im indoors wade through them!
      I’m not a fan of hollyweird at all.
      I love seafood but didn’t think of it until afterwards because it was all meat related.

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