Three Little Things

Nope not Bob Marley but almost as good – Our beloved Rory asked for a trifecta of answers to the following subjects. Here are my offerings!

Name Three …

Potato Dishes?

Tartiflette, Potato Candy and Potato Bread

Types of Flowers? Bluebells, Poppies and Snowdrops

American Authors? Harper Lee, Deborah Harkness and Margaret Mitchell

Rivers in England? Avon, Tamar and Medway

Animals species that begin with the letter P? Penguins, Polar Bears and Pandas

Popular sports played on a field? Hockey, Rounders and Kiss chase

School Subjects that you were terrible at? Maths and Physics (thanks to Sister Brigid, spawn of Satan) I was good at everything else so I’m choosing my next least favourite, Sociology.

Types of tropical fruit? Guava, Lychees and Mangoes

Things that grown on trees? Shoes, Lava and Elements.

Things that are pink? Roses, noses and willies.

Cartoon characters? Huey, Dewey and Louie

Muppet Characters? Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Animal

Items of clothing that are pointless? Backless sweaters, fingerless gloves and footless tights.

Gifts that cost less than a £5/$5 or five of your currency that make ideal presents? Lip balm, Bath bomb/bubble bath, Chocolate

55 thoughts on “Three Little Things

  1. Excellent answers, but I have to agree to differ on fingerless gloves. They do have their uses. Firstly, when I was doing my geology degree they were invaluable because we had to write about rocks in tiny little writing in waterproof books while on field trips on cold and windy coastlines and you can’t write in gloves, but you can fingerless gloves. Also, if you wanted to play a Victorian character of the Dickensian type, then fingerless gloves are a MUST! 😉

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    1. I know they have uses for some things but I was being deliberately literal! I actually have fingerless gloves that I wear on top of my normal gloves for extra warmth but being a cold soul, I layer up, up and away in the winter!

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      1. Fingerless gloves are featured in the TV series “Thunderbirds Are Go”. There’s an episode or two in which someone goes into space – and steps outside the spacecraft – in fingerless gloves! You’d think he’d lost his fingers AT THE VERY VERY LEAST (and actually he WOULD in real life), but nope, he suffers no side effects whatsoever.

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  2. Oh this was fun!! I LOVE lychees so much and am so sad I can’t get them all year long lol

    I didn’t know two out of your three sports played on a field, and I was going to say hockey is played on a rink but you put it first and it’s my favourite so I’m gonna let it go 😉 but seriously what are the other two? Lol

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    1. I used to play grass hockey at school in England. I loved it and I was really good at it too! All three were English games, rounders is kind of like baseball and kiss chase – I bet you played that! It’s like tag but when you get caught the winner gets to kiss you. I could run like the wind if Michael O’Sullivan was chasing 😂

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      1. HAHA we call “grass hockey” “field hockey” here. I always forget that it’s a thing lol. I played in for school PE when I was in high school. I was actually really good at it, and the teacher suggested that I try out for the school team but fat little high school me was all “pfft gross sports”.

        But I have not played kiss chase lol but that sounds like a cute little game!! Tag with kissing? Such a school playground thing to play lol

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      1. You didn’t grow up reading books about the magical country Xanth or the world Raggedy Ann and Andy visited? lots of things grow on trees!


      2. Ohhhhh!!! Fun stories. Too sweet and a bit scary in spots for today’s generation, but I loved them! (dolls that walk and talk and get into trouble in a magical land)

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