Feeling Blue[berries]

This may just be one of the most perfect stories I’ve ever read. If I can ask one thing of you, it’s please read this. It’s a life changer in the best way

The Wild Heart of Life

At the grocery store this week, a woman dropped a box of blueberries.  They went everywhere.  She was too old to pick them up, and people up and down the aisles just stopped and stared.  I just stopped and stared.  Her trembling voice, shouting “Cleanup—I need a cleanup!”  Embarrassed.  Close to tears.  Fucking blueberries.  All of us staring at blueberries.  A two minute pick up job.  Less if others help.  But we don’t.  We just stare, and argue with ourselves.

After a good minute or two of arguing, I deduce that I’m a complete and utter asshole, and put down my basket.  Pick up the blueberries.  Feel like an absolute idiot as my left palm fills and I have no space for all the rest.

Now it’s my trembling voice, weakly shouting “Anyone have a bag?”

People stare.  They keep staring.  The line six carts deep.  Everyone watching.  No one…

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24 thoughts on “Feeling Blue[berries]

  1. This time of year brings out the worst in a lot of people… a consumerism race to acquire, conquer, and fill those shopping carts full of ‘stuff’…. blinders on, selfishness ensues, and sometimes little old ladies and blueberries become casualties of that.

    I’m glad the blueberries, albeit the mess they caused, made some people pause for thought, and re-calibrate their heart and do the right thing.

    “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” – Dalai Lama

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