Mayhem On The Airwaves – My Interview With Bottomless Coffee

If you’ve ever wonder what a high pitched Britchy sounds like – here’s your chance to find out! I had a lovely chat with fellow blogger, Bottomless Coffee 007 and here’s the podcast

A Britchin’ Podcast

This was fun, I’d love to see more of you take part so I can listen 😊

28 thoughts on “Mayhem On The Airwaves – My Interview With Bottomless Coffee

  1. Britchy, your interview was splendid. What an exceptionally intelligent lady you are. You know a little bit about a lot…Such an admirable trait.

    I knew your talk with 007 would have been good but it far exceeded my expectations. You were delightful, humorous, authentic and sweet. I could listen to your accent all day, which is why I listened to the entire thing in one sitting.

    It truly was a pleasure learning more about you.

    I left a commentary under 007’s post, as well. I was commenting while listening. When you get a chance head on over and read it.

    You’re a delight, Britch! I refuse to listen to you try to tell me otherwise. 😀

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  2. Oh my gaawd this was so awesome, you sounded exactly like l thought you would a liitle tiny soft cuddly toy! Brilliant, still very English, but it takes time for that to wear orf .. 🙂

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    1. I don’t think I’m ever going to lose my accent. My older kids have both become very American sounding but here’s me, still sounding like this! I’ve been here coming up for eight years, I don’t think my accent will change now

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      1. Oh l think you are right, and l think the reason is because when you are younger and you are still developing your voice and as such your accent the foundation stays with you. I was born in London, but spent my early formulative years in Australia, to boot l adopt and mimic, and so my own accent is supposed soft bostonian, and l don’t mean Lincolnshire’s Boston either.

        Many people hearing me for the first time struggle as to whether l am Australian, American or South African because l can filter what l sound like. The very last thing l sound like is a true Brit, and yet strangely enough or perhaps not, my Sister a true Ozzy sounds British, but l think that is because she was 9 when she returned to england to my 14. Perhaps that is why your kids speak and lean towards the Americanisms now. Suze’s g’kids who emigrated to australia in 2015 now sound like Ozzies, and Reuben who was less than 2 when he went out there, has no English accent at all.

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      2. I’ve come to that exact same conclusion! I do get asked sometimes if I’m Australian which amuses me because I don’t think I sound Aussie at all. I used to be a sponge for accents when I was younger. Talking to someone would have me sounding like them in no time but that’s really changed

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      1. You might be surprised, trust sometimes Suze is horrified at certain levels l can attain. I do a very unusual accent at times, and no it will not be revealed, but that is the height of squeak 🙂

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  3. I don’t think your voice is pitchy, Britchy.

    Interesting enough, I was a bit shocked by your British accent when I first started listening. Even though I am aware you weren’t born in the US, I read your posts in American English.

    I left a comment on Coffee’s page.

    Great interview.

    And thanks for the shout out.

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