Tell The Story – Dysfunctional Nursery Rhymes

My lovely friend Kristian at Tales From The Mind Of Kristian Kristian has challenged me to follow his lead!

The Eclectic Contrarian started with a photo with which he then challenged three people to write about.

If you click on Kristian’s name above, you can read his story. I loved it.

He added the picture above and challenged three further people, one of whom was me!

Here’s my piece de resistance crap!

Mary had a little Lamb

She also had a Duck

But Mary was a Vegan

So that was pretty rotten luck

She sold them to the Butcher so you might think her a sinner

But you really couldn’t blame her – cos the buggers ate her dinner!!

I’m challenging Victoria at Cosmic Observation, Rory, The Guy Called Bloke and Finding French Charming to write something around this picture and add your own ‘Tell The Story’ title

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