Ask me anything!

A couple of months ago I followed Bottomless Coffee’s lead and invited questions from all of you. You can read that here.

That was a lot of fun and I thought it would be nice to do it again so, leave a comment with any questions you would like to ask me! You can ask as many or as few questions as you want

I’ll leave this open until Sunday morning and then I’ll post answers on Monday… Fire away!

26 thoughts on “Ask me anything!

  1. You are a brave, brave soul.
    We all know you’re joking when you bicker about your husband, or say that you would never marry again.
    (I only say that in case he’s reading. I know you’re not really joking.)
    Did you have the same conviction before you married this guy? And if so, why did you, then?

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  2. Cool!

    How much do you like Trump?
    Would you like to live in the time of the Romans?
    If you have to change your name what would you like to be called?
    What if I told you a secret, would you share it with anyone else?
    Have you ever tasted fried bananas?
    Why don’t you visit my blog anymore?
    How do you like your meat, rosted, fried, grilled, raw…?
    Do you find happiness in the blogging world?
    Have I missed something?

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  3. I also will answer any question asked of me. I always tell people not to ask if they don’t REALLY want an answer because I don’t sugar-coat and I don’t pull punches.
    My question is What prank or incident of mischief did someone else take the blame for when it was all you and did you ever ‘fess up?

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  4. Hiya Britchy!

    What are five things you miss from living in the UK?

    What don’t you miss from living in the US?

    Has anyone called you a marauder?

    Who is your favorite comedian? (I can’t remember off the top of my head if you’ve ever mentioned this before….)

    If you could vacation anywhere in the world for two weeks uninterrupted, where would it be and why? Bonus points, who’s going with you?

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  5. I would love to hear more about the podcast you did with Coffee (or Botty!)…
    …did he just call you on the phone and interview you? He sounded like he was in a studio – he could be in radio – or is he already in radio?

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  6. What is the best prank you have ever pulled on someone?
    Did you get to try any of those New Year pranks on that prank list I sent you?
    What is one lesson in life that you think everybody should know?

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