It’s Good To Talk!!

Hey everyone, I want to draw your attention to some of the podcasts by my fellow blogger, Bottomless Coffee

He’s interviewed a great many of the bloggers I follow and I’ve loved listening to them. Sometimes people can miss the inflections present in speech when they read instead of hear.

Intent can be misinterpreted and impressions formed that aren’t fair. Listening to these podcasts is fun and you really get to know the person behind the blog. I’ve included links to the interviews with bloggers I follow for you to enjoy.

Whilst I have your attention.. it’s your turn! I love the blogs I follow and would really like to hear more of you. How about participating?! If you’re interested you can either contact his Botty-ness yourself or I’ll pass on details to get the ball rolling. Please consider it, I’d love to hear more of you!

Bloggers who have been interviewed so far:

Rory Of A Guy Called Bloke

Kristian Of Tales From The Mind Of Kristian

Britchy Of Britchin’ In The Kitchen

Victoria, The Hinoeuma Of Cosmic Observation

JM Of JM’s History Corner And Rue Of Rachel’s Novels

Rakkelle Of Raquel Writes!

Check them out, I think you’ll enjoy them

45 thoughts on “It’s Good To Talk!!

    1. Oooh Deliverance! Show us yer teef!
      I’ve read your posts, don’t give me that clap trap! I’d love to hear a interview with you. I think you’ve got some fascinating things to say and it would be a really interesting listen

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      1. Why must you people compare my beloved banjo to that truly pathetic movie! We need podcasts running 24/7/365 to break this nonsense. Banjos are people too!!

        Thank you Britchy! Ya really think so??

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      2. I actually really enjoy that piece of music, I’ve never watched the rest of the film though, it’s not my thing. The only other famous banjo player I know was George Formby, a British actor from the black and white era so we definitely need more info!
        I do think you’d be a great guest. I’d truly like to listen to you.

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      3. I’m a great candidate. I have all my teeth and am not inbred. I have a pretty good vocabulary. It’s just this darn urge to to wear overalls with no shirt and shoes that gets me… but y’all won’t see.. 😏

        Thank you!! You’re awesome!

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      4. That’s a pretty scary deal. Are you sure you know what you’re doing? Lol! Jk. That’s incredibly awesome! What do i do?

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      1. Remember that brief conversation you and I had about actors we would like cloned? I wasn’t being entirely honest with my comment about which actor I would like cloned. There are some I would like to have clones of 🙂
        The young Bruce Willis in “Die Hard”
        The young Jeff Goldblum in “Independence Day”
        And an Aussie actor called Harrison Gilbertson in the TV series “Conspiracy 365”.

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      2. Bruce Willis was great in Die Hard! He was in a series back in the eighties. I loved it, I wish they’d re run it.
        I really liked Jeff Goldblum in Independence Day. I just can’t get past seeing him in a horror film called The Fly. I had nightmares for months after seeing that film. I’ve never been able to look at him without thinking of that with horror since! I feel the same about Michael Keaton/Beetlejuice. I get cringey just hearing their names. I shall have to look up Harrison Gilbertson. I know nothing about him except that he’s a syllable hog!

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      3. I’ve never seen “The Fly”. The only Goldblum movies I’ve seen are “Jurassic Park”, “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, “Independence Day” and “Independence Day: Resurgence”, so I have only good memories of him.

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