Getting To Know You..

Hands up who immediately started singing “getting to know all about you” in their head?! Yup, you’re my tribe!

Laura Venturini has created the “Getting to know you” challenge.

It’s very easy.

1. Copy and paste these rules and the questions listed below and tag at least two people to take the challenge.

2. Use the “Getting to Know You” pic

3. Ping back to this post or tag Laura in it so she can see your answers too.

Oh and tag me too please!!

The Questions (and answers!)

1. Name a moment in your life when you felt you were most courageous. I have an overwhelming fear of anaesthesia/sedation. I react horribly and I’m very hard to bring round. He last time I was sedated for an endoscopy I was admitted into hospital for three days. I’ve had all endoscopies/colonoscopies without sedation since. I even had my broken arm reset without sedation (that might have been a mistake because it bloody HURT!!) When I had my youngest, all that was on my birth plan was ‘no cesarean’. I had been being induced for six days without success when my pre eclampsia turned into eclampsia. I had to have an emergency cesarean. My ex was trying to tell them I didn’t want that (he didn’t understand the situation) when I put my hand in his arm and said it’s okay. There’s no choice left. They were slamming ivs and antibiotics into me and trying to get me o sign consent with the same arm and I told him to make sure the baby knew I loved him. I was totally calm, but convinced I was going to die under anaesthesia. I was terrified but accepting. Obviously I didn’t but it was close. Again, they couldn’t bring me around afterwards and I was in recovery for three hours and then out for the count for another sixteen hours. I didn’t see my son until he was 23 hours old.

2. If you had to choose only one breakfast cereal for the rest of your life, which one would it be? Oatmeal/Porridge. I absolutely love it. Cold cereal would be shredded wheat but I’d prefer porridge!

3. When have you felt the most scared? When I was in the MRI tube a few weeks ago and flipped out. I was terrified. My heart was pounding. I cried, I threw up afterwards. It took me days to stop crying about it. I’ve been having nightmares and flashbacks to being in it ever since. Knowing that I’m having another this Thursday is giving me the screaming abdabs.

4. If you could sing like any musical artist, who would you choose? I’d like to have a voice as distinctive as Elvis or Frank Sinatra. I know they’re both men but they were phenomenal singers. I think if I’m picking a female I’m torn between Whitney Houston, Meghan Traynor and Cher. If ever I got to sing the National Anthem is want to belt it out with the exuberance, joy and pride of Whitney Houston.

5. Do you collect anything? My husband would say books but that’s not a collection, that’s necessity! They’re like oxygen. I NEED my books. I like to collect rocks and minerals. I love the drive up into the Adirondacks seeing all the different strata in the rocks. Geology is fascinating but I just enjoy the look of them too.

6. If you could live inside a tv show or movie, what would it be? Oh I want to live at Hogwarts! That was easy! I quite fancy using magic to clean up. I wouldn’t want to use it to cook because I love that but the cleaning up would be just bibbity bobbity boo!

7. Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? If so, what was it? I’m trying to get somewhere but everything keeps stopping me get there – or I’m walking/running but not getting anywhere. I think everyone dreams variations of that dream.

8. What’s your Zodiac sign? I’m Virgo. I don’t really believe n all that stuff though (unless it’s good!) I know my ex and I were incompatible, as I said, I’m Virgo. He’s Faeces…

I’d like to challenge my lovely friends Jenni at Housewife Hustle and Rakkelle at Raquel Writes

because they’re both fantastic and you absolutely should be following them AAAAAND I’d really love to read their answers!

41 thoughts on “Getting To Know You..

  1. Okay, a couple things. A) Tell the anesthesia people to leave the pain killers out of the mix and see if that doesn’t help. I’ve had three ‘major’ operations (two hip replacements and one knee replacement), several colonoscopies and one endoscopy and had horrible side effects from the anesthesia, so bad that I once had a scope probe into my heart without anything but a local. Then a wonderful nurse pointed out that if I had bad reactions to pain killers (which I do), to try the anesthesia without that stuff being added. It worked like a charm and I had my latest colonoscopy/endoscopy without any bad side effects. Woo hoo!! Second: For the MRI? Get them to prescribe you a mild valium type sedative. I am mildly claustrophobic and I’ve had to have three MRIs over the course of things. A friend, who has horrible claustrophobia told me about the sedative thing. It works. Doesn’t make things pleasant of course, but the anxiety is manageable. My best wishes for a positive outcome to all this. 😦

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  2. I love interesting questions like these to get to know fellow bloggers a little more. I also think it would be awesome if we could, being women, open our mouths & sing like Elvis. Nobody would see it coming. x

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  3. Yes. Now, it is stuck in my head.

    I had my first knee surgery @ 15. Me & general anesthesia did not get along. I had trouble coming out of it & it attacked my central nervous system. I shook/trembled for hours. My second knee surgery @ 25 was a local & sedative. Much better.

    What is “abdabs”?

    Pat Benatar.

    I wanna be a Doctor Who companion…one that doesn’t die.

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