About me

I’m originally from England but I’m now happily living in the US. I truly love it here except for the S.N.O.W (Shit No One Wants)

I’m a crazy cat lady in training, a subservient galley slave to two very fat and very lazy cats, one much loved and horribly missed angel cat, one miniature chupacapra/hellhound mix and one flatulent (and fat) beagle.

I’m a voracious reader, I have been known to read cooking instructions on cans of soup when I’ve got desperate. I’ve never been desperate enough to read political clap trap though.

I’m a confirmed travel addict, an enthusiastic cook, a good friend and last but not least I have a twisted sense of humour and a mouth with a death wish.

I spell in both English and American so if it looks wrong, it’s the other!

Oh did I mention cats?

I seriously love the imperious wee beasties. I’m especially besotted with ginger stripey cats and pure black kittehs I’d have an absolute houseful if I could.

80 thoughts on “About me

  1. Omg I love cats too. I also had a red cat. Unfortunately, last week we had to suppress it because it was sick. He was with me for 12 years, I have not yet passed.
    We’ll probably take another puppy but it will never be like her 😣

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      1. The C of E or the throne? Wee Willie can have the throne – the Church? Now there’s a conundrum. I think I’ll go with Robert Mondavi because I kind of like the whole turning water into wine bit!

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      2. So the Brits get the Vatican money?? Since I’m now on this side of the Atlantic can’t we surrender the senate and congress instead? Of course, that would mean losing the Judicial branch of government too since we’d be bowing to that Higher Power so we wouldn’t need attorneys etc –
        Good job you’re a dab hand at flipping burgers huh?!

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  2. I don’t know why I hadn’t seen this before but I burst out laughing. Before reading this, I actually thought you lived in the UK!!
    I grew up with English too, but got used to the American english and still use the word Brinjal occasionally! 😉

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  3. Wee beasties is pure English. LOL I laughed when I read about you reading the back of soup cans. I read the water heater decal every time I am in the bathroom (TMI I know) and the back of cereal boxes. I understand the struggle of being desperate to read. If it has letters/words I read it.

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      1. I’m the same. I seem to get an awful lot of very unlikely “followers” (like real estate agents in small-town USA and IT companies in India), but I do try to at least visit real blogs and read the about page. 🙂

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  4. I have a super fat calico-siamese mix. She is SO NEEDY and constantly trying to rub on me and get me to pet her. Whenever I sleep, she’ll just sit on top of my back or hip and start purring.

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  5. Nice to meet you Britchy. Love your sense of humor. Your cats are adorable too. Totally agree with the S.N.O.W. acronym. I live in Quebec (Canada) so I know about snow! Can’t wait to read more of you.

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      1. Ooh since I am no masochist I have learned to appreciate many aspects of snow. At least the first two months. Thankfully otherwise my life would be miserable. There is snow here about six months a year.

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  6. Nice to meet you! I’m John! I thoroughly enjoy your humor! Thank you for stopping by my blog! Feel free to continue browsing! I hope it’s a blessing for you!

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  7. Did you just say you like living in the US? It’s not often we get, or deserve, compliments. What do you enjoy about living here?

    Also, while I know the thing to do when commenting on a new blog is to beg the author to visit one’s own site, in this case I don’t think that’s a good idea. My blog is sprinkled with poorly-written, near-poetic ballads directed towards everyone’s favo(u)rite form of precipitation: snow. I don’t want to be responsible for triggering you.

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    1. Ewww – what do you see in that white shite?! It’s pretty on Christmas movies but that’s it!
      I love living here. People are wonderful, especially in the South. There’s a genuine happiness seeing others succeed. People here go to local high school games, don’t fight other fans over stupid sports games, they love and laid local heroes.. it’s a pleasure to see. Everywhere you turn the flag is being flown and I love it.

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      1. Ohhhhh. I’ve never been to the South, so I’ve not experienced the happiness you speak of. In the places I’ve lived in the US, the #1 commodities have been anger and bitterness. I’ve only ever lived in areas with serious social and poverty-related problems though, which might be why.

        And snow is the best! I love the starkness of it, the beauty, how easy it is to find animal tracks, and how much harder it is just to walk in the snow. However, I do not like having to spend 15 minutes cleaning my windows off before I drive anywhere during the winter. But that’s mostly because I always forget to plan an extra 15 minutes for my commute.

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      2. Studded tires for wheels are the best invention since, well.. the wheel! I love mine. I live in upstate NY, almost Lake Ontario upstate, not a ten minute commute from NYC. Apart from the ghastly taxes and sfnow it’s lovely. People here have been great but I do prefer south of the ol Mason Dixon anyway! I love seeing wild animals, preferably not as roadkill. We had a ‘pet’ raccoon and skunk when I first moved over. You could set your clock by them coming to share in the food I’d set out for the feral cats I fed. The raccoon was Big Chief Half-an-ear and the skunk was Kitty. I know, I should not be allowed to name animals but there ya go.

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      3. Upstate New York is incredible. I’ve driven through there once or twice, and loved it each time. In fact, I’d say that the northeastern US is my favorite region. I love the small mountains and rolling hills, the deciduous woodlands, the wildlife, and the snow. The Great Lakes region is good too, but some of the cities there (like Cleveland) have been hit pretty hard by the loss of the steel industry in the US.

        It is pretty awesome to have animals like deer in our backyards, isn’t it? You have even more wildlife in NY, such as black bears.

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      4. Yes we do have bears here, I’ve only seen bears twice but both times I was euphoric. I love seeing deer in the yard, I was woken by the most unGodly clatter one day when one climbed the stairs up onto our deck! We had a plethora of rabbits, chipmunks groundhogs and raccoons too but only the occasional possum at our old house. I love seeing bald eagles near Montezuma along with turkey vultures and red cardinals too. We had to move to the outskirts of a smaller town here from deep Amish country but when we move to NC it will definitely be a little further out of town than we are now. I miss the peepers at night.


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