Current Scams and How To Avoid Being A Victim

This list is a little out of my usual league of shittery! I think most of you know how I feel about bullies and I think con artists are some of the worst. Playing on people’s fears is despicable. I hope this list of scams, how to avoid them and where to get help is of benefit. Please feel free to share as awareness is essential to defeat these cowardly thieves. There are far more scam categories than I can cover. Dating scams, phishing scams, home repair scams, you’ve won xyz but need to pay admin cost scams… they are legion.

These are the scams I’ve seen while I’ve been home in the last few weeks so here’s where I’m starting but please, trust no one and CYA! It’s better to be cautious than burned!

Covid 19 Scams

Hands up if you got a text saying you were infected with Covid 19? I did. There are a literal ton of Covid 19 scams. FDC Scambusters is a brilliant breakdown of how many there are and is worth a read wherever you are just to be aware.

Banking Scams

I don’t think there can be enough vigilance ever when it comes to protecting your bank and credit card information. Personally I never speak to them, I take a name and call my branch. If it’s genuine they’ll be delighted you’re being careful. Do not trust that it’s your banks number. Scammers can make it appear to be any number they like. It’s a good idea to set a security question and answer with your bank but still, give a wrong answer to check they know it’s wrong. Don’t pick a usual question like ‘fathers first name either’ Set a security question like ‘how old is my pet tortoise?’ and have the answer as ‘blue’ Random works!

Census Scams

Some nasty little shit pot scammers fake working for the Census Bureau. They try to get your personal information so that they can either steal your identity or commit other fraud in your name. These dirtbags have already called people and sent fake letters. Some even go door to door to collect information about you. Be very wary. I would highly recommend going to the .gov website to fill it in always.

Government Grant Scams and Stimulus Checks

Another current favorite it seems with up-to-date scammers. These try to suck you in with saying you are eligible for money for college or home improvement. Long story short, it’s a lie. They ask for your account information to ‘deposit a check’. They may ask for a admin fee. Don’t be a dumbass. Schools and libraries are good resources for possible grants or scholarships. There are grants available for home improvement and you can find out about them from your local town or county website or in person or over the phone at your town hall or planning department. Don’t lose your home to debt from fraud!

You can find more info on all of the above and how to report them:



Finally, I think this one is real guys!!

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35 thoughts on “Current Scams and How To Avoid Being A Victim

  1. Here they prey on seniors.

    CRA scams where they are told to go and buy $100’s of dollars in I-Tunes and call them the numbers.
    Visa/MC is calling and they have overpaid on their account so they have to go and buy Visa gift cards and call in the numbers. I stopped one lady from being scammed out of $2000. I finally convinced her to call either Visa or to stop and talk with the RCMP. If she came back and assured me all was on the up and up I would help her. She came back a few days later to thank me. She had taken my advice and called Visa.
    Had a man come in because if he bought a certain amount of gift cards he would get over $89000. He was livid that I would not sell them to him. And even angrier when I tried to make him see the sense of it.
    We have taken to questioning seniors/new Canadians as they are the hardest hit. It may seem rude but we would prefer to be seen as rude than to see our customers scammed like that.

    People like that need to be taken out and somehow one needs to discover their weak spot and exploit it as they do the emotions and fears of these seniors.

    Have awesome day! 🙂

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  2. Last summer was a horrible summer for me with scammers. In early July I got a text message from my “bank” saying a purchase had been made on my credit card that looked fraudulent and to please click or call the bank to discuss it. I was all “HAHA stupid scammers I’m not falling for that!” cos my bank never texts me? Like ever? So I ignored it and then tried to use my card and BAM it was REAL!
    Then at the end of the month, got a text message from my “phone company” saying someone was trying to transfer my number to a different provided and if this was me, ignore the text but if it wasn’t please reply stop (or no or something). Well my phone company DOES text, all the time. So I replied but that WAS a scam! Within 5 minutes my phone was disconnected, and then my paypal account was hacked, the password changed, the email changed, my address changed. Thank goodness I was able to get to a kiosk for my phone company in a mall that had free WIFI or else I wouldn’t have gotten the emails about the paypal account. I was using the kiosk’s phone to call paypal while waiting for the phone company to call that landline to sort things out. It was a horrible horrible few hours.

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  3. Is that tonight that I’m supposed to stand naked, or did I miss it?

    I keep getting robo-calls that the IRS is gonna have me arrested. It annoying to me, but it worries me for less savvy or older people who might be taken in. Dag-nabbit scammers should have “the fleas of 1000 camels infest their armpits”!!🤬

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    1. I agree. The census one is particularly worrying because it’s so infrequent people fill the forms in blindly. I got one with a non US government type return address… so I took it to the local police. It needs to be a matter of habit that people fraud check EVERYTHING

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  4. Wow some crazy scams out there! I walked in on my mum on the phone to some guy saying he was from her phone provider and she nearly gave him her details. I snatched the phone off her and hung it up. I told her about scammers and she said. It’s funny you say that because as I was getting closer he said all you have to do is one more thing and she said he was getting excited. It’s horrible to know there are people preying on victims and just people in general. Thanks for sharing

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