The Cast of Characters

By now you’ve probably realised, Names Are Being Changed.

I’m not really Britchy – wait, yes I am – but it’s not my actual NAME!!

I thought I’d better start a post where the cast was explained so here it is! I’ll add to it as more reprobates appear..


’im indoors – hubby

Fartichoke – Eldest son

Thmellyarthe – Younger son

Princess PITA – Daughter

Thumper – Grandson

Snidey McSneakaround -Son in law

Backstabatha – Shitster in law

Yesdear – Brother #2

Fatty Cakette – YesDears older brat

Dumbelina – YesDears younger brat

Peacounter – Brother #1

Poshpaws – Sister

Uncle Begorrah – Mums middle brother.

Uncle Semtex – Mums elder brother.

Auntie BallyMacSmirnoff – Uncle Semtexs wife.


The Man in Black – Mr NYC

Titselina Bumsqueak – BFF

La Contesha de Counshill Eshtate – EX NEIGHBOUR in England

Flangey Maflipflop – Ms Amarillo

Fanny Ferknackerpants – Ms Dallas

Isabella BitchTits – Ms Michigan

Slutty Shag-Yer-Man – Princess PITA’s ex BF

Ex Coworkers

Twoface – Insurance Co Boss

Jostlin’ Dixon-Tuesday – First US Boss

Mere Males

Percy Pickle – TB’s Ex BF

Dave Douchnugget – Another TB Ex

Farquhar Barstardcelot – My Ex

Ratface Wrinkle-Winkle – Second Ex

Seamus Shamrock – Ex Boyfriend

Shillelagh Daly – Ex TB boyfriend

Bilious Bollockchops – Ex Brother in Law

41 thoughts on “The Cast of Characters

    1. Well they aren’t “friends” or family and I thought it was preferable to worthless scumbags!
      I was thinking of a category for women but really, I kind of HAVE to leave Backstabatha in family and I didn’t want to create a category for Fat Sharon just yet but it’s coming! As the memories resurface and the anecdotes are told the cast can only grow longer and quirkier!

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      1. One thing I KNOW how to do (not sure if it works for your theme), but if you go to edit that post, in your setting (the panel on the right), in the top part where it allows you to set date/ schedule post, etc, I have a slide option there “pin to top” and that keeps it on top. Now, if you wanted to add it as a separate link in the menu, then you’d have to go through the customizer and add a page, etc.

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  1. Where and how did you come up with the aliases I did spot the making of one though Yey!!!! At least I think I did.

    You know what’s missing????? The pronunciation guide you dropped some of them at the end of a night out now I was going through this list trying not to bite my tongue off!!!!!

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    1. That pronunciation guide was on the “in which girls ventured forth “” post!
      Seriously *I* don’t want to know how I think this stuff up never mind anyone else! The man in black and I were talking earlier about another friend who hasn’t appeared yet – and his future “blog name” almost fell out of my mouth! Good job it didn’t as T-M-I-B was at work and my new name in the making is apt – but absolutely NOT work friendly!
      Maybe I should rename myself Frankenstein’s creator?!

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