The Dangers Of Complacency

I have been at somewhat of a loss today. What to write?!

For the last thirty days I’ve followed the Discover Prompts and whilst I’ve taken them to some pretty strange places – I followed a plan set by others to the point that today, I can’t think for myself. I’ve become institutionalised. Blogstitutionalised even!

I suspect many of us are going to feel the same in the next few weeks as life picks up the pace again. There’s uncertainty, a little fear and a lot of trepidation… and that’s terrifying.

We’ve spent a month obeying commands from nameless, faceless governing bodies without questioning it. (Some of us, I’m generalising. Work with me)

We’ve taken to reporting our neighbours for their crimes of fraternising and hoarding. We’ve accepted decrees from the CDC that they can come into our homes and remove people at their whim for the good of the community.


Truly I get that people are scared of this virus. I’m in no way under playing it but the civil liberties that are being savaged in its wake are insane. The fact that we’re compliant in it is even more disturbing. When I hear that in the town I where lived in NY has more reports than they can handle of people having visits from friends and the like – it’s nuts. The ugliness is just unspeakable.

I’ve seen too many virtue signallers proudly proclaiming they haven’t set foot outside their house since March 31. They deserve medals in their minds because they’ve had others deliver groceries etc.

What about the delivery people? The shop assistants? Everyone in the chain who’s sacrifice has them able to sit on their fat asses and peak out the window at Mrs Gibson at number 23. Her sons come over twice this week. She needs to be reported.

If that’s you, fuck you.

What the hell are we thinking? Covid 19 is a tragedy. There is no doubt it’s a situation that needs to be controlled but not with the intensity of propaganda, misinformation and hype that it’s generated. Political parties – scum of the earth all of them – are using it as yet another tool to beat each other and us with. Instead of working together to try and make something useful, they continue casting aspersions and lining their own pockets, all the while continuing with the divisive shittery that keeps the populace fighting each other instead of them.

Politicians are SUPPOSED to represent us. We vote for them.

Did you vote for those idle sacks of crap to get an $8000 a month pay rise? How many of you even EARN $8000 a month never mind get that as a raise?! Why are we fighting each other and not them? Why are we not demanding town hall meetings and making change?

Complacency. It isn’t Covid 19, cancer or The Bomb that’ll get us.

23 thoughts on “The Dangers Of Complacency

  1. I think a lot of people feel that there is much more going on than meets the eye. I’m starting to believe it too. I’m not saying the virus does not exist. But I think it’s being used in a major power struggle. That’s why I cannot understand so many people being so hateful and still thinking their parties are perfect. The system is corrupt and has been for a very long time. This situation in my opinion has only illuminated that fact.

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  2. I gotta agree with you! And not just because I’m afraid you’ll set a bag of dog poo on fire on my doorstep either.😂

    They took SO much power from us with the Patriot Act and they did it with a media blitz of fear.

    People need to use their own brains in their own heads. Not spout some party line.

    I haven’t heard of any reporting on neighbors in my area, but I stay away from most of the “news”. Disgusting behavior.

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  3. Wow, that is disturbing. Neighbors reporting on neighbors sounds like Germany during world war two. I say let people practice safe distance, wash hands, wear masks, but have the freedom to go out. If we follow safe guidelines we should leave it up to people to make the choices of staying home or not. If you are sick and have health issues then stay home and avoid crowds as much as possible.

    It is starting to get scary with the control and fear out there. Here in my state we can still shop at certain places, even hardware stores and now they just announced that Goodwill thrift stores will be open as well. We can hike, go to parks, golf courses, get our nails done, have elective surgeries, and shop for food and get our vehicles serviced. Also all health care is open so I suppose that includes dental as well.

    We can’t go to restaurants yet or get our hair cut and all schools and universities are closed until the new year which starts in August usually. I can’t remember what else we can’t do but it isn’t that bad here in Arizona.

    People order things online like food and they deliver it to your vehicle when you drive up. It is such a mess though because small businesses can not be open and now I hear a bunch of these small businesses will be gone and no longer in services because they just could not survive the lock downs.

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  4. Totally agree. I work at a grocery store. The customers are starting to get mean. They are frustrated that some things are still out of stock. As if we can do anything about it. One of the employees was chastised because her mask had slipped. It’s nuts.

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  5. Totally with you on this and more than l can stand on my heckle box and spout out politely – so yer!! Yer to the fuck too!

    We have had it here too, not as bad, but we have seen it … but l cannot speak about this politely anymore … my eyes are opening on different levels as well, but clusterfucking is the one word l am going to use and then combine it with your word – Complacency – so C19 is a Clusterfucking Complacency problem.

    Well said.

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  6. I was just thinking about how I run this poetry session where I do the thankless work of coming up with a prompt which people then use to wax lyrical or not… During lockdown, I had thought that I would l not impose further structure upon people since they were already having several restrictions upon their lives, long story short I got several requests that I go back to suggesting topics since most of them ended up being creatively constipated to come up with what to write about without some sort of guideline
    OMG I institutionalised them
    We are sheep awaiting a shepherd in a book I am just about to post a review of I am read this quote that I have been unable to get out of my mind
    ….were society more reasonably organised, there would be still less need of great abilities, or heroic virtues…

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