My Recommended Blog of the Day 05/14/18

Having created a way to recognise blogs that entertain, me, move me and make me think I now have the incredibly hard part of choosing which to nominate.

As a recap, this is not bound by any rules. It doesn’t require the recipient to do anything. Its just something from me to you that’s a heartfelt and sincere appreciation of the entertainment, enlightenment and empathy I’ve come to expect.

I intend posting these recommendations twice a week. If anyone wants to reblog please feel free. My intention is to shout from the rooftops how much I love my recommendations!!

My recommended blog for today is A Guy Called Bloke

I am constantly amazed by the range of subjects this Chap comes up with. He covers everything from Aspergers to Zebras as well as running a range of “interviews” with pets and other bloggers. His award posts and questions are absolutely the most fun! I get really bored of “What made you start blogging” type questions. My inner freak goes wild when I get a nom from him! You’re going to love this blog, get there right now for a lurk!

The picture comes from the Blokey Fella’s Blog.

18 thoughts on “My Recommended Blog of the Day 05/14/18

  1. Wow, good morning Britchy – l am humbled by your nomination. Thank you.

    When l first started this blog, it was a very different beast to what is displayed today, it has adapted and evolved into what l like to call an eclectic entertaining read, or l hope that is how it is perceived. I wanted to stimulate readers, and thought the best way to achieve this was to display my life, adventures and stories because they have always kept me mentally entertained.

    But l am also honoured, because you yourself write such a richly entertaining blog, and one that fills me with merriment which is something l think we all need in our lives, the chance to have a laugh and show a smile.

    So once more to the Britchy dear friend, thank you.


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