Are we raising the next ‘Greatest Generation’?

We’re in difficult times. We’re facing uncertainty, food shortages and the very real possibility of losing family members. This last happened during World War 2 and I can’t help but see certain similarities. Profiteering and the Black Market was terribly despised then. You could be jailed or even hung. Even as a collaborator, knowing, but seeing … Continue reading Are we raising the next ‘Greatest Generation’?

Why I’ll Never Use Twitter Again.

Twitter has changed their terms of service to explicitly allow for pedophile-type content to be shared on their platform. Henceforth I shall be referring to them as Shitter because frankly, that’s what they are. The new terms of service explicitly states, “Discussions related to child sexual exploitation as a phenomenon or attraction towards minors are … Continue reading Why I’ll Never Use Twitter Again.

An O’Britch-uary…

I regret to inform you that the ‘give a shit’ fairy passed away. She was (unfortunately) survived by ‘everyone else’s mom’, ‘somebody told me’ and ‘I read it on the internet’ Sadly, she was predeceased by, common sense, manners, tact and keeping-your-knees-together-on-first-dates. The give-a-shit fairy will be remembered for her contributions to coping with family … Continue reading An O’Britch-uary…

Asking For A Friend…

Is it bad that I saw this on LinkedIn and had to sign out so I couldn’t type ‘They know their shit at shinola’?? #nohomonday #nomorebringahoday #hofreeworkplace #whowantstoworkfornohosanyway #judgementalprudes #cantremembermypasswordnow #lockedoutoflinkedin #luckylinkedin

A Confession, A Resolution And NO Eff Words … But There’s Shit. Definitely Shit!!

The Confession first . I’ve started to hate blogging. ‘I must write a blog post’ has landed right up there with ‘I must unclog the toilet, balance the checkbook and bath the cat’ (none of which I ever do but you get the picture - I don’t want to do them so I don’t!) Yes … Continue reading A Confession, A Resolution And NO Eff Words … But There’s Shit. Definitely Shit!!


Don’t be afraid to leave a job. There comes a time when they can’t see past what they think you are or can do. Sometimes you have to shine your light in a different corner Don’t be afraid to dance. It doesn’t matter who is watching, it only matters that you feel alive. Don’t be … Continue reading Don’t

Geezerly McFuddy-Duddy And The Oldest Swinger In Town.

Aren’t men funny? In every sense of the word. Funny ha-ha, funny peculiar and funny-why-are-you-still-alive? ‘im indoors is a prime example. There’s the easy way, the hard way and his way. I have the patience of a saint I’m telling ya! Cars. I want to buy a new/newer car when we move. I’ve kind of … Continue reading Geezerly McFuddy-Duddy And The Oldest Swinger In Town.

On Memorial Day

Memorial Day We drove past Vassar today which was a mistake. It’s Commencement today. You know what that means? Chaos!! Lots of entitled twits in cars trying to back into traffic without looking because the nasty campus security wouldn’t let them drive into the handicapped parking area without a tag. There was an astronomical amount … Continue reading On Memorial Day

The Saga Of Behind The Eyeball or How To Deal With Incompetent Lazy Fuckwits.

After much fuckwittery, I’m having the MRI/MRA of my brainium on the 31st. They’re knocking me out because it’s going to be a long one. I saw the ophthalmic neuro in Rochester on Dec 5th and she said it would probably be after Christmas because of booking an anaesthesiologist as well as the mri thingummyjob. … Continue reading The Saga Of Behind The Eyeball or How To Deal With Incompetent Lazy Fuckwits.

Ask me anything!

I’m reblogging this so that if you have questions, you don’t forget to ask them!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

A couple of months ago I followed Bottomless Coffee’slead and invited questions from all of you. You can read that here.

That was a lot of fun and I thought it would be nice to do it again so, leave a comment with any questions you would like to ask me! You can ask as many or as few questions as you want

I’ll leave this open until Sunday morning and then I’ll post answers on Monday… Fire away!

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Weight Loss, World Peace And Getting Whack Job Scientists Laid

Dear Whack Job Scientists, If ever you feel like taking a break from some of your more ludicrous experiments like The Propulsion Parameters Of Penguin Poop, Fruit Bat Fellatio or The Impact Of Wet Underwear On Thermal Comfort In The Cold, I have a challenge for you that will make women fawn all over you. … Continue reading Weight Loss, World Peace And Getting Whack Job Scientists Laid

Social Media. The End of Civilization?

I’m so angry. I’ve just heard about the attempted and thankfully failed suicide of a teenager. Apparently they were being bullied online and couldn’t take it anymore. I am thoroughly convinced the Internet is the worst thing that has happened to our children. Cyber bullying, cyber predators, cyber sex, peer pressure, image distortion, to much … Continue reading Social Media. The End of Civilization?

Day 24 On The Magical Musical Advent Calendar

I’m slinging this in while my cheesecake is baking. Today has been ...fractious! Don’t you just love holidays?! I’ve made sausage and egg muffins for breakfast, peasant bread, shopped and made home made burgers with potato wedges for dinner. I’ve got caramel brownies in one oven and cheesecake in the other. It’s flippin’ tropical in … Continue reading Day 24 On The Magical Musical Advent Calendar

Feeling Blue[berries]

This may just be one of the most perfect stories I’ve ever read. If I can ask one thing of you, it’s please read this. It’s a life changer in the best way

The Wild Heart of Life

At the grocery store this week, a woman dropped a box of blueberries.  They went everywhere.  She was too old to pick them up, and people up and down the aisles just stopped and stared.  I just stopped and stared.  Her trembling voice, shouting “Cleanup—I need a cleanup!”  Embarrassed.  Close to tears.  Fucking blueberries.  All of us staring at blueberries.  A two minute pick up job.  Less if others help.  But we don’t.  We just stare, and argue with ourselves.

After a good minute or two of arguing, I deduce that I’m a complete and utter asshole, and put down my basket.  Pick up the blueberries.  Feel like an absolute idiot as my left palm fills and I have no space for all the rest.

Now it’s my trembling voice, weakly shouting “Anyone have a bag?”

People stare.  They keep staring.  The line six carts deep.  Everyone watching.  No one…

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What Do You Want To Know?!

In keeping with Rakkelle and Bottomless Coffee I’ve decided to stick with the ‘Ask me anything’ theme. Let’s see where it goes! You can ask any questions here in the comments section between now and Thursday and I’ll answer them on Friday - here goes nothing!!