One Man’s Politics, Another’s Blasphemy?

Making political statements in everything you do is kind of like wearing a bikini or banana hammock to the office, supermarket and church.

There’s nothing wrong with swimwear, you look great in it. There are places it doesn’t need to be seen and is in fact, totally inappropriate.

Today I’ve unfollowed three blogs because in each case, ALL of the last five posts I’ve read from each have contained smug politics based diatribes against people of different views. Two were posts about travel, one was a cooking post, two were parenting posts.

I have no problem with a political post. I know EXACTLY what I’m setting myself up to read.

If you want to write a whole post explaining your views I’m right behind you BUT if you’re writing a review of Harry Potter and the chamber of assholes, write about the film not your nasty opinion of Dumbledore’s homosexuality! (Honestly – I did see a post about how that was disgusting in a children’s book. I defy you to show me where it is in any of the books)

If there’s just going to be nasty one liners about troglodytes etc against ANY parties, it’s going to be a goodbye.

26 thoughts on “One Man’s Politics, Another’s Blasphemy?

  1. I unfollowed someone a few weeks back due to a misogynistic and sexist title of a poem. I didn’t even bother to read it. I don’t feel that it is necessary. They probably don’t miss me, I’m not a huge reader of poetry. They have freedom of speech to write something I disagree with, I have freedom of unfollowing if I don’t​ agree.

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    1. The post that set this off was about country music and how people who liked it were all gun toting, homophobic republican assholes … it was the final straw! I don’t mind political rants if I’m expecting them

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    2. Never! It’s not political opinions I don’t like – it’s ignorant comments therein. Comments about all Christians being gun toting homophobes in a post about country music was what set my rant off!!

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  2. Someone got up on the wrong side of the bed?
    No, but seriously, I totally agree. I see it being more and more prevalent. Quite annoying. Like you said, you start reading something, and you actually enjoy it, and then you get to the trap, and it’s like a bomb just went off.

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  3. I agree with you that if the topic is music, etc. it’s irritating when the blog turns into a political rant. If this becomes a pattern, IMO, the blog-owner should seriously reevaluate if they need to change their blog’s theme.
    That said, I’ve unfollowed a few blogs. IF I unfollow a political one, it is because the writer wants to rant and be emotional, while the data fails to support their view and/or it lacks logic.

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  4. Yippee! Well done you! Culling your follows is no bad thing. I had a culling session of friends on Facebook and while ago. It’s frankly fine! I don’t like discussing politics or religion because it always without fail ends up in upset … ! Katie x

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  5. Couldn’t agree more. Everything is viewed through a political lens. It’s astounding to see how self-righteous people can get when they’re scoffing at “libtards,” or explaining why a flipping toothpaste commercial is “problematic.” What would the perfect toothpaste commercial be? One that empowers the proletariat to revolt, and lets them know how to get a fresh smile while they do it?

    A fine post. I’m following.

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