Day 17 On The Magical Musical Advent Calendar

Today’s prompt is ‘A song you’d sing a duet to at karaoke

Oh boy. This would be the no song because I hate karaoke. The times I’ve had to endure the torture of hearing drunks warble their way timelessly mumbling half the words to songs are etched in my nightmares.

I think I’d pick My Boy Lollipop because I HATE that bloody song and if I have to suffer, you all do too

That’s the Christmas Spirit eh?!

15 thoughts on “Day 17 On The Magical Musical Advent Calendar

  1. I remember once my maternal grandma and one of my great-aunts were on a cruise and went on stage and attempted to sing karaoke to the other passengers. According to them, they didn’t do very well. Another relative on there had recorded them singing, but unfortunately, the sound wasn’t very good on the video, so I couldn’t hear them very well. I still find it amusing the thought of them doing karaoke.

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