Day 25 On The Magical Musical Advent Calendar

Golly what a long day! I’ve barely left the kitchen and I’m absolutely knackered. All cooking and cleaning is done. I’m stuffed full up to bustin’ and I’m FINALLY sitting down with NCIS, Coke Zero and sore feet! Today’s prompt is a song you like by a artist who’s no longer living.

This is still hard, that’s really sad but so many I love are gone.

Roy Orbison, Prince, Kirsty MacColl, Elvis, George Michael, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Avicii, Amy Winehouse my beloved Freddie Mercury… I wish it wasn’t so easy to list absent friends.

I’m going with Freddie because I’m here’s never a mood I can’t find a Queen song to fit. I miss him like he died yesterday. I’m choosing a duet he sang with Monserrat Caballe. It’s stupendous and I get chills every time I hear it. I hope you enjoy.

Barcelona – Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe

6 thoughts on “Day 25 On The Magical Musical Advent Calendar

  1. You named so many amazing musicians, and coincidentally I had picked Avicii’s Wake Me Up for my song choice (I’ve scheduled my catch up post for the 30th). I’ve never heard this song by Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe. I only really know Freddie with his Queen music.

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