‘E gets it frum ‘is muvver…

Kids say the damndest things don’t they?!

I just found an email I sent to ‘im indoors in 2007.

It was a transcript of a conversation my kids had just had. At the time they would have been 12, 11 and 6.

So my second child, Fartichoke is watching the Simpsons (grrrr…)

My youngest, Thmellyarthe, is playing on his Nintendo DS

Princess PITA is crawling around on the floor looking under the chairs and the couch.

Thmellyarthe : What are you looking for Princess PITA?

Princess PITA: (Looking for homework, says crossly) A Sperm cell

Thmellyarthe: (concentrating on his game) “Look in Fartichoke’s pockets.”

Silence fell over the whole room. The three of us looked at each other thinking “What did he say?!” “Does he know what that IS?!” and so on

Princess PITA: “What?”

Thmellyarthe : “Your cell phone, Fartichoke put it in his pocket”

Bloody kids huh?!!

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