Let There Be Light…. Unless The Lady Of The House Says Otherwise

It's the little things in life! That's what they say isn't it? Well, that and little things amuse little minds... Guilty As Charged M'Lud!! We completed on this house on a Friday and had to be here at 8:30am for the walkthrough. The previous owners were driving to Florida and wanted to get a wiggle … Continue reading Let There Be Light…. Unless The Lady Of The House Says Otherwise

RE BLOG: 3 Things He Learned While His Plane Was Crashing And How It Changed His Life

I read this today on a site I truly enjoy, Landers 7. This is a less than 5 minute game changer. I can't tell you how this has affected me, I'm still processing it but you need to listen! This short speech might change what you live for. 3 Things He Learned While His Plane … Continue reading RE BLOG: 3 Things He Learned While His Plane Was Crashing And How It Changed His Life

The Best of Times in The Worst of Times.

If there's one thing I love about humanity it's the irrepressible abounding creativity in choosing to overcome trials and tribulations. Don't be fooled by carefully curated news stories designed to leave us in fear and isolation. There are more wonderful stories than you can possibly read if you alter your settings to see them. Enjoy! … Continue reading The Best of Times in The Worst of Times.

Asking For A Friend…

Is it bad that I saw this on LinkedIn and had to sign out so I couldn’t type ‘They know their shit at shinola’?? #nohomonday #nomorebringahoday #hofreeworkplace #whowantstoworkfornohosanyway #judgementalprudes #cantremembermypasswordnow #lockedoutoflinkedin #luckylinkedin

Ask me anything!

I’m reblogging this so that if you have questions, you don’t forget to ask them!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

A couple of months ago I followed Bottomless Coffee’slead and invited questions from all of you. You can read that here.

That was a lot of fun and I thought it would be nice to do it again so, leave a comment with any questions you would like to ask me! You can ask as many or as few questions as you want

I’ll leave this open until Sunday morning and then I’ll post answers on Monday… Fire away!

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Feeling Blue[berries]

This may just be one of the most perfect stories I’ve ever read. If I can ask one thing of you, it’s please read this. It’s a life changer in the best way

The Wild Heart of Life

At the grocery store this week, a woman dropped a box of blueberries.  They went everywhere.  She was too old to pick them up, and people up and down the aisles just stopped and stared.  I just stopped and stared.  Her trembling voice, shouting “Cleanup—I need a cleanup!”  Embarrassed.  Close to tears.  Fucking blueberries.  All of us staring at blueberries.  A two minute pick up job.  Less if others help.  But we don’t.  We just stare, and argue with ourselves.

After a good minute or two of arguing, I deduce that I’m a complete and utter asshole, and put down my basket.  Pick up the blueberries.  Feel like an absolute idiot as my left palm fills and I have no space for all the rest.

Now it’s my trembling voice, weakly shouting “Anyone have a bag?”

People stare.  They keep staring.  The line six carts deep.  Everyone watching.  No one…

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A Remorseful Tale of Repurpose, Repaint, Regret.. and Replace!!

It’s Thursday and I’m busier than a one legged man in an arse kicking contest. Rebloggng this and crossing fingers I have more time later!!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen


Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram – you all have a lot to answer for!

Oh and you all SUCK!!

I’m not one of Mother Nature’s natural decorators really. My idea of painting would appear to be to get as much on me and my clothes as possible and if there is any left over slap it on the walls for good measure. I enjoy it though – so what the hell if I use three cans where one would do?! The REAL expense involved in decorating for me is all the bloody bubble bath and hot water I get through!

I bought a mahoghany color (pretty damn sure it wasn’t real mahogany for $20) china cabinet on Ebay. I believed all the hype that any dummy could upcycle and planned on titivating the flipping thing “a la Pinterest etc” The project was painting it with an off white semi gloss…

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Tech Tip for Writers #127: Back up Your Blog!

What would you do if WordPress crashed and your blog was lost?
Here is some EXCELLENT advice we should all be following! I know I will!

Tech Tips for Writers is an occasional post on overcoming Tech Dread. I’ll cover issues that friends, both real-time and virtual, have shared. Feel free to post a comment about a question you have. I’ll cover it in a future Tip.

Q: I’m paranoid of losing my writing projects and family pictures so I back them up to an external drive, a flash drive, and in the cloud. My blog, though–It’s become an important cog in my PLN. If it blew up, I’d be lost. What do I do about backing it up?

A: If you use WordPress, it’s easy, they provide a native tool for that. Here’s what you do:

  • Go to Tools>Export
  • Select the ‘Export‘ option
  • It’ll back it up as an XML file (you don’t have to understand what that is. Just know it’s the file that will save you if WordPress crashes)
  • Save that…

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Advice – Britchy Style!!

It’s Thursday and you know what that means don’t you?! Second hand posts! Pre loved, gently used, here’s one from my first month of blogging …

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

My dad sent me an email a couple of days ago – one of those touchy feeling “forwarded” doo-dad’s that I detest. It was very out of character for him, he normally just forwards jokes!!

I actually wondered if someone else was using his computer so I added to it and sent it back. He laughed his head off so I thought I’d share the “good advice” he sent with you – and my take on it!!

Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully….. Especially if it’s a kick up the bum or a punch in the gob.

Marry a man you love to talk to. As you get older, his conversational skills will be as important as any other….. Marry a man who can’t talk. The less time you have to spend listening to him whine the better.

When you say, ‘I love you,’ mean…

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Why Do We Need To Let Other People Own Their Feelings?

This isn’t my work – I’m reblogging this post from another blogger because I find it so relatable and I know a lot of you are going to read this nodding your heads in agreement too.

Julie de Rohan

You’re about to send an email and you’re re-reading it for the tenth time to make absolutely sure there’s nothing in it that could be misconstrued and cause offence.   Then you check it another ten times after you’ve sent it – just in case…

You bump into a friend in the street.  As you walk away, you replay the conversation over and over in your head trying to work out if you said anything “wrong”.  You’re still rerunning the conversation in your head as you lie in bed that night…

A work colleague seems a bit off with you.  You instantly rack your brain to recall your most recent interactions with them.  You spend the day desperately trying to work out what you did to upset them so you can apologise and make things right…

Sound familiar?

On the whole, people with emotion-driven overeating issues are a sensitive bunch.  We…

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Everything You Never Wanted To Know – The In’s And Out’s Of A Ducks Arse

I was challenged by A Guy Called Bloke to take part in a new challenge, The Friday Funday Challenge – Game On – You Name It! Or, as I'm calling it "Everything You Never Wanted To Know - The In's And Out's Of A Ducks Arse" Here's how he described it: We all like a … Continue reading Everything You Never Wanted To Know – The In’s And Out’s Of A Ducks Arse

Pop Rocks Part.. Number Two..

And here we are again. Throw Back Thursday.. Where has this week GONE?! We’re rapidly sliding into July and all the fun that goes with the 4th – I can’t wait! While we’re waiting, I hope you enjoy this tale of mayhem at Casa Del Britchy!!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

You’d think I’d be banned from buying pop rocks after the Beirut Buns Incident but no.. So, as you’d expect, I bought more!

I couldn’t think what to do with them. It was a little upsetting. No kids at home at the moment, it’s just me and ‘im indoors. And the animals. The two cats. Specifically Prader Willi and HellBoy.

Both cats are indoors only. Both were from feral mothers and both have FIV. They have a very pampered life and frankly, the fat little porkers are severely obese (but we don’t say that out loud as it hurts ‘im indoors feelings)

Pop Rocks.

It’s a challenge at times to get these two sedentary shit machines to exercise. The laser pen, bits of string, wind up mice… even my blood curdling screams barely get them to raise an eye lid. This is particularly upsetting as I’m very proud of my…

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Having Coffee With Hermione Granger

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this interview. It was delightful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Isabella Hume

I’d spoken to Ms. Granger’s secretary to arrange the meeting with her. I’d been a little dubious about the phone number I’d been given to call – I didn’t think wizards and witches had phones – but nonetheless it had connected and I’d spoken to a very kind gentleman on the other end. He’d requested that I would swing by to her office, as it was improbable that she would have time to step away, being as busy as she was. I agreed, because I would do whatever it took to have coffee with one of the most famous literary figures in existence.

I had been given rather odd instructions about heading to a phone box in a rather run down area of London. Not being from the capital it took me a while to find it (I got off one tube stop too early and had to walk further…

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Callously Ended – An unkind poem.

As you all know, I’m not much of a poetry lover. I am however a huge fan of Dorothy Parker, Noel Coward and Kristian. I defy you to read this without imagining a Noel Coward play with Fred Astaire. Kristian has a phenomenal talent for just about any genre and I didn’t think he could surprise me any more. I expect excellence from him – I didn’t expect this and I’m honestly thrilled

Tales from the mind of Kristian

This is an unkind poem inspired by the prompt words:

Word of the Day: Dalliance


Three things Challenge: Puffer Fish, Soul, Staring


This is not a reflection of my character and I hope no one ever says anything this unkind to you. 

So you thought this was love?

Good heavens above!

But I never said it was so.

It was just a dalliance

a one off alliance

now it’s time for you to go.

OK, so I’m cold

and callous, unfeeling

Maybe I just have no Soul

I never promised you more,

you’re being a bore,

I never wanted that role. 

You got it all wrong, 

You need to be strong

You really need to let go.

Stop staring at me

now you’ve paid your fee

make like a puffer fishand blow. 

Copyright: Kristian Fogarty 21/June/2018

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The Many Uses of Lipstick – Or The Price of Revenge…

It’s Thursday so time for a throwback to a time when, well, I may NOT have been the perfect little angel I am now…

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

You know how it is with serendipity don’t you?!

Once I filed for divorce, my ex, Farquhar Barstardcelot, morphed into an even more complete bastard. He has this marvelous idea that I should stay home and look after the kids while he did his studly thing fornicating around the web and then we should get back together in 10-15 years – once the kids have left home.

Can anyone say go forth and multiply?!

Honestly, if I’d known he could be that funny before I filed.. yeah NO!

Farquhar had pulled stunts that are beyond audacious but – every dog has it’s day and it was mine.

The kids had a play date AT SOMEONE ELSES HOUSE! Not mine for once and holy debit cards – I could go shopping! On my own!! No flippin’ ankle-snappers!

I had a lovely time, no whining, no tale-telling.. no losing kids and for…

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The Pint and The Pickle

Here we are on Throw Back Thursday with a Public Service Announcement – if you ever meet a man with a green dilly dangler.. run!!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Some of you may have read the Ladeez night story and wondered what happened to Titselina Bumsqueak’s ex. We fixed Fat Sharon but what about TB’s ex? Percy Pickle?

They say confession is good for the soul – well… I guess it’s time for a spot of spiritual harmony!

So where did we leave off? Pretty much with the scant info that Fat Sharon had been playing “hide the sausage” with TB’s boyfriend, Percy Pickle.

Obviously our first instinct was to wallop him with a baseball bat. However, frankly, there isn’t enough cake in the world to give us the calories we’d have expended on doing the job right.

Time for Plan B.

B for Bitches heh, heh.

We decided we’d give him a night to remember so the three of us headed out to the pub. We’d deliberately planned it so he left his car at home and TB…

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Things I want my kids to know..

It’s TBT and time for me to do the green thing and regurgitate one of my old posts! I hope you enjoy 😊

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

I was pretty sick for a good bit of last year. I started thinking about stuff I wished I told my kids, funny stories, advice, encouragement… not to eat yellow snow. You know how it goes.

I started a list with this title and promptly went no further. Recently, randomly, I thought of it again so here it is.

An ongoing list in no particular order .. but a start..

Be wary of any group, political party, religion, or individual who claim’s to have all the answers. No one has all the answers. People who make these statements will only lead you into trouble. Anything you can’t question, or can’t get an answer to – isn’t right.

Learn about the world. School will give you limited information, with most of it slanted towards the teachers beliefs. Always look for more information, the opposite view. Structure your opinion on YOUR conclusions…

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The Out Patient Appointment..

It’s TBT and here’s a trip back to London and yet another of my infamous run ins with Doctors…

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

Growing up under the NHS in London was great. Until it wasn’t.

Raging Despots of Doctors receptionists. Doctors with God complex’s. Nurses who idolised the piggin’ idiots and made them even more delusional if possible!

Oh and let’s not forget the ever present cup of tea. I’m quite sure they even stopped operations for surgeons to have their tea break!

It all climaxed with us, the patients being a bit of a bloody nuisance if anything. I definitely felt treated as a convenience or tool of the trade by some.

This resulted in some embarrassing situations! As I got older, there were more toe curling episodes for them as I grew into my attitude but as a young girl, well – if we’re telling embarassing stories here goes.. it’s hard to pick just one isn’t it?!

When I was 19 I had to see a specialist for “Wimmins problems” and…

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Axis of Evil Cupcakes.

It’s TBT so I’m sharing one of my pre dawn posts with you all. Happy one-more-day-until-the-weekend!!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen


Welcome to the latest round of The Bitchy One’s “You-Couldn’t-Make-This-Shit-Up..”

I was back in England visiting my best friend and I’d gone shopping.

While I was walking around in town I went into a sweet shop (candy store) to buy a curly wurly.

I decided I could indulge myself!

They had all kinds of retro sweets and I bought some shrimps, black jacks and fruit salads too so it was lovely!

Then it all started to go wrong.

Horribly, horribly wrong.

I saw packets of Space Dust.

Also known as Pop Rocks.

Remember that stuff?

You could put a few crystals on your tongue and it would pop and blast your teeth?!

I remember my brother pouring a whole packet into his mouth and screaming like he’d burst his bloody ear drums!!


But I disgress (nothing new there now is there?!)

I had a brainwave.

It probably wouldn’t…

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If Music be the Food of Love?

I’m having a throw back Thursday and reblogging a post frombefore I had any followers 😊

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen

China in your hand by T’Pau and So Amazing by Luther Vandross

Two songs that I’ll never forget as they caused my dad to cut the plug off my record player!

My best friend and I had been on one of our weekly nights out.

By that I mean it was a weeknight because we were out seven nights a week!

Anyway we were home by 3am and in my room having an autopsy of the night.

….Why she danced with THAT minger.

….Why I let creepy guy buy us both a drink.

….Why we both had to climb out the toilet window AGAIN!

Not an unusual occurrence for us!

Actually a few years ago they were knocking one of our favorite haunts on the Old Kent Road in London.

I was very tempted to ask the builders for the toilet window for old times sake but wasn’t sure if…

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The Joy of Sex – or How to Get Clucked by Your Healthcare Plan.

Eye of newt, and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder's fork, and blind-worm's sting, Lizard's leg, and howlet's wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth, Boil and bubble I’m really not too sure about these generic meds under Obamacare... I have a dreadful attitude towards doctors. According … Continue reading The Joy of Sex – or How to Get Clucked by Your Healthcare Plan.