My Recommended Blog of the Day – 04/01/18

Having created a way to recognise blogs that entertain me, move me and make me think I now have the incredibly hard part of choosing which to nominate.

As a recap, this is not bound by any rules. It doesn’t require the recipient to do anything. Its just something from me to you that’s a heartfelt and sincere appreciation of the entertainment, enlightenment and empathy I’ve come to expect.

I intend posting these recommendations twice a week. If anyone wants to reblog please feel free. My intention is to shout from the rooftops how much I love my recommendations!!

My recommended blog for today is H.L Sailer. I really look forward to his stories every day. I get so sucked in by them, I literally have to shake myself at the end. If you asked me to pick five or even ten stories to recommend I’d struggle to leave any out. There’s been a couple of lines he has written that have literally stopped me in my tracks. In fact, I can’t come up with just one quote. I’ve managed to limit myself to two but trust me, I could have added zeros to that.

My favourite quotes from H.L’s blog are these:

Everyone likes to think evil comes, unannounced, with a voice rising like the darkest pit of hell. That it shows up in black cars with flaming wheels and license plate numbers marked “666”. But that’s not the case. In fact. Usually, it’s the opposite. Evil doesn’t show up with horns and a tail. Evil usually shows up with a smile.

And damn.

If you didn’t look like a devil to me.


There is a sound that loss makes. A sound that echoes. It isn’t loud. Not at first. It rings quite gently, at first. You hear it loom over you, and then it repeats. Over. And over. And over again. And then, when it stops, you’re left with the sound. A hollow ringing. A broken sound. A sound of once-was.


That is the sound that loss makes.

He also has a book. I’m not quite sure how it works but it has to have more readers for publication so hop off for a great read!

The pictures come from the H.L Sailer Blog.

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