The Thought Train is now approaching “Pet Peeves”..

You know how other people can take something beautiful and making it better? Kind of like a oyster and a pearl?

Yeah not me. I take an oyster and boom. Houston we have a landfill.

This post started because the adorable Tintins found a challenge on Pensitivity101’s blog that was originally set by Joelle . Along came my fellow shenaniganator, The Irish Procrastinator who took the pet peeve thing further and they had a lovely train of thought going until I got in and derailed it!

Who’s bright idea was it to let the Britch at the peevin’?!

The challenge set by Joelle is to write a tale in 120 words and the prompt is:

What are your top two “pet peeves?”

“Race Relations”

Who decided it was okay to judge people by skin colour? More to the point, who decided we are different races? We are ONE RACE. The Human Race. We may be different nationalities, we may like different music or books. We may even not look the same – so what? Neither do cats. Be like a cat and like the cat next to you just because it’s a cat.


I do not care who you voted for or who you will vote for. I don’t chose friends through party allegiance. Please do vote, people died for our right to vote, don’t waste their sacrifice – but keep your political opinion where you keep your dilly-dangler and don’t shove either down my throat.

24 thoughts on “The Thought Train is now approaching “Pet Peeves”..

  1. Glad you said number one! That’s definitely one of mine! (I feel another post brewing…hmmm) and number 2 (hee hee number 2) I also agree with. By the way, I don’t vote (ducked while you threw a spatula at my head) but I will next time (sorry).

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