My Recommended Blog of the Day – 04/24/18

Having created a way to recognise blogs that entertain, me, move me and make me think I now have the incredibly hard part of choosing which to nominate.

As a recap, this is not bound by any rules. It doesn’t require the recipient to do anything. Its just something from me to you that’s a heartfelt and sincere appreciation of the entertainment, enlightenment and empathy I’ve come to expect.

I intend posting these recommendations twice a week. If anyone wants to reblog please feel free. My intention is to shout from the rooftops how much I love my recommendations!!

This time I’ve chosen someone who I’ve watched since my initial post on First Friday. I’ve seen how many people they help, how many words of encouragement they give, the very real esteem they’re held in by our community.

I know I judge the success or mediocrity of my posts by how they’re received, This bloggers comments are always one of my biggest indicators.

My recommended blog for today is Floating Gold. I know sooo many of you are going to be saying about bloody time too! The only reason Goldie* is so far along is that I didn’t want to nominate while they were away.

*Thanks to Novus Lectio for the inspired name!

The picture comes from the Floating Gold Blog.

30 thoughts on “My Recommended Blog of the Day – 04/24/18

  1. Wow. This caught me a bit by surprise. I’m very humbled.
    Your timing is impeccable, because I think I might be SEMI away for a couple of weeks soon.
    What a perfect way to wake up. Thank you for such wonderful words.
    I was planning on making a joke, but aside from putting water instead of vodka into your celebratory drink, I cannot think of any.

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  2. Reblogged this on One day at a time… and commented:
    Just the other day, another blogger told me to “toot away” when I told him that my parents taught me not to boast. It’s hard for me to say what I’m good at, because so many people are good, and probably even better, at that same thing. So I do not toot my own horn.

    But when I received a pingback from Britchy, I just knew I had to “toot”. It’s an honor.

    I wanted to thank God, my family, my editor, my producer…

    Thanks Britchy!

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  3. Her posts are amazing and keeps us waiting for more. One of the first few blogs I started following 🙂

    Floatinggold : you are definitely very humble about your writing! I also loved your reblog of the reblog and the ‘toot’ 🙂

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