Three Days, Three Quotes – Day Two 05/01/18.

I was nominated by Kristian at Tales From The Mind of Kristian.

If you read yesterday’s quote, you’ll know that a) it was one of my favorite quotes and b) this is one of my favorite blogs. Off you go for a tiptoe through a garden of delights!

My quote for today is from a song by Garth Brooks. I love the song and I love the message. Enjoy both!

‘Life is not tried it is merely survived if you’re standing outside the fire’

Garth Brooks – Standing Outside The Fire

5 thoughts on “Three Days, Three Quotes – Day Two 05/01/18.

  1. Funny thing, Garth is from the town I lived in, Yukon Oklahoma. We had a house across the street from the old high school. His best friend used to live there in that house when they were young and he’d gotten his butt kicked a few times in our yard. Lol across the street is where his mom is buried. The “Oasis” from his song Friends in low places, is closed up and ran down but still stands a few miles away. Small town living

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