Spa Daze

My little mini minx has been AWOL. She’s been at the car spa for a makeover… us ladeez like that kinda crap y’know.

Well I finally got my Mini back! I hate driving the van – it’s like driving a sofa. It’s crap at cornering, doesn’t like high speeds and it’s a *horror of horrors*… AUTOMATIC!! Totally no fun to drive an automatic. It’s like going to a fun fair when your pregnant and can’t go on the good rides!! I am not a fan, it’s necessity not choice so I’ve been pretty much grounded.

She – because she’s FAR too pretty to be male – had her doodads lifted and her flangeymahflipflop tightened. No more leaky time Tena lady moments on the drive! Her joints have been given a good work out and her pipes have had a good deeeeeep clean.

She’s good to go for another 150k now that she’s got more new silicone than Caitlyn Jenner. It must be time for a road trip!

24 thoughts on “Spa Daze

    1. I lubs her! We’ve driven as far west as Milwaukee WI/Chicago IL together as far North as Toronto Canada/Plattsburgh NY (whichever is “Norther!”)
      As Far East as NYC/Outer Banks NC and as far south as Pensacola, FL. I’ll keep her until she just won’t go anymore 😊

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  1. My cars an automatic! My husband also says manuals are way more fun to drive. Though, for me… Not a fan of driving. If humans could teleport places…now that is something I would enjoy doing.

    But if humans could teleport, I’m sure the government would tax or charge for its usage.

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      1. ‘im indoors drives it when it’s full of useful stuff. I either ride shotgun or take my own car. After putting a paper bag with holes in it over my head last time I think I’ll definitely be driving on my own next time 😉

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    1. I love GMC. I’m planning on buying an Acadia when I move, only downside is no stick shift but being up higher and having more space is good. I’d love a Yukon but I’m trying to be sensible about gas mileage as I have averaged 40k a year in the last few years. I drive three cars regularly so thankfully it’s not all in one! I’ve put 90K on the mini alone. So far this year I’ve done 14k and I have a big 3,500 plus mile trip the week after next which I can’t wait for!

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      1. Wow, you do drive a Ton! We have our Yukon and a hippie bug. Both cars slapped with tons of bumper stickers n character. They are both older, but we only put miles on them really when we travel. I can’t wait to read about your trip!!☀️

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    1. It’s an awesome little beast and you know what the best but is?! ‘im indoors hates it as it’s too small for his comfort and the kids can’t drive manual as they learned here… so no one borrows MY car!! Smartest move I ever made 😂


      1. Unfortunately, I now really need a bigger car so I’m going to have to scheme to stop others driving it. I’m thinking a “Powered by Fairy Dust” or “Serviced by Tinkerbell” sticker might do it unless they suddenly start producing pink cars..


  2. I want a Mini so bad! Guess what? An automatic! I tried a shift once and learned to hate it when young. Too much to handle using both feet and arms while trying to smack a cheeky child in the backseat. Interfered with car dancing as too.
    The hubs bought me a 2 seater, Saturn Sky convertible that was manual. A year later traded it in with all of 3000 miles on it, right after its very first oil change…. and he put the miles on it.

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