Axis of Evil Cupcakes.

It’s TBT so I’m sharing one of my pre dawn posts with you all. Happy one-more-day-until-the-weekend!!

Bitchin’ in the Kitchen


Welcome to the latest round of The Bitchy One’s “You-Couldn’t-Make-This-Shit-Up..”

I was back in England visiting my best friend and I’d gone shopping.

While I was walking around in town I went into a sweet shop (candy store) to buy a curly wurly.

I decided I could indulge myself!

They had all kinds of retro sweets and I bought some shrimps, black jacks and fruit salads too so it was lovely!

Then it all started to go wrong.

Horribly, horribly wrong.

I saw packets of Space Dust.

Also known as Pop Rocks.

Remember that stuff?

You could put a few crystals on your tongue and it would pop and blast your teeth?!

I remember my brother pouring a whole packet into his mouth and screaming like he’d burst his bloody ear drums!!


But I disgress (nothing new there now is there?!)

I had a brainwave.

It probably wouldn’t…

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20 thoughts on “Axis of Evil Cupcakes.

    1. This could be a great revenge dish to make in the kitchen of a cheating partner.. I can’t believe I’ve never thought of that before. I do hope I’m not gettin’ sensible..


  1. I remember the curly wurly being bigger when I was younger, I vaguely remember space dust, do you remember the sherbet with the liquorice stick? they used to be in the cardboard tubes now in plastic, and if you put all the sherbet in your mouth it always made you cough it all over the place LOL, so everything was covered in white, the idea of those was to suck it up through the liquorice but never worked, i think its nice that they bring back some of the retro sweets, the only one I haven’t seen are the spangles. Nice cupcakes by the way LOL looks like mount vesuvius has exploded

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