Bedtime Stories for Insomniacs.

I was looking through my reader and I realised how many fabulous writers I’m following. Seriously guys, I’m in awe of your writing. You’re saving me a fortune in books (until you all get published and then I will need a second job!)

I thought it would be fun to take a title and see where we all take the idea. It can be a picture, a six word story, a serious article, a poem, a nice long story – the choice is yours!

I’d like to do this on Wednesdays every week and then share everyone’s stories/poems/picture stories the following Wednesday. You can email them to me by Tuesday night but please add a comment on this post so I don’t lose/miss any!

The title we have for the first challenge is:

Archie Goes To War

I hope you take part!!

43 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories for Insomniacs.

  1. I might join… but not every week… I’m currently writing my first book (Yay!!!) and no matter how I love writing, it can be stressing so your idea might be a great escape where I’m still writing but no pressure. hehe..

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  2. Inlinkz has a free option that can handle the posting of stories for you. Several of the ones I participate in use that….or you could use the pingback option (although I am not sure how they make the pingback appear. Another one I participate in just has the main post, then we all post our link in the comment. You can count me in though.

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  3. Everyone seems to be coming up with some new ideas for their blogs. I’m excited for all of you. (You, Curiosity, Pia, Randomness Inked, etc.)

    Due to limited time, I will just share my first thought on the topic. – association – “Frankie Goes to Hollywood”.

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