How To Liven Up Grocery Shopping – Or NOT..

I had a lovely long conversation with Titselina Bumsqueak who reminded me of several ‘Things I Have Done’. Honestly, sometimes it feels like she just doesn’t appreciate the lengths I go to and the depths I plummet for her benefit.

I was visiting her and we’d gone into the small seaside town she lives in for a lurk. It was a lovely day and we had a kid free weekend as her ex, Dave Douchenugget was having the kids. You only live once so we dropped into Wetherspoons for a tipple (pushed,shoved and elbowed each other more like) and sauntered to the bar… two pitchers of jelly babies and a couple of Cheeky Vimto’s later and we were starving. Funny how alcohol makes you hungry enough to eat the arse off an elephant..

We decided to get some shopping in Morrisons (NOT the favorite supermarket) because our lazy arses didn’t want to hoof it to Tesco. We sure as hell couldnt drive!

We got doughnuts, cream cakes, two six packs of crisps, Niknaks, Chocolate, Coke and a dozen freshly baked sausage rolls for the walk home and a couple more bottles of wine in case we ran out of happy juice.

We decided we should look through the frozen section at all the stuff we could have if

A) we weren’t too shitfaced to cook and

B) we already knew we’d be calling the Bombay Bicycle to deliver our yummies!

So we were in the frozen section, turning our noses up and chicken nuggets and debating the merits of grabbing a loaf of bread and making fish finger sandwiches for a snack when ‘my eyes doth alight’ (don’t you think that sounds all Wordsworth-y and grown up? Make the most of it. It only gets rubbishier from here!!)

… ANYWAY – When I squinted, looked through one eye and finally realised what I was looking at was Quorn. Not just any old Quorn. This was called Quorn Southern Fried Chicken.

Okay – mini rant. I like Quorn. I like veggie burgers, I like a lot of vegetarian foods whilst remaining a bone-sucking carnivore… and I get why people become vegetarian and totally respect that. So Why oh flippin’ WHY does vegetarian stuff get branded as MEAT? There is no such thing as Quorn Chicken! Stop this food manufacturers! We’re not total planks!

Back to the story.

My self righteous indignation was elevated a thousand times by alcohol and spying a sales assistant it was on! Shenanigans! I almost felt sorry for him but like Everest and Edmund Hillary – he was there. With an evil glint in my eye, I cleared my throat. TB sighed but it was too late, I was off!

I was pretty good really. I only asked him if the Quorn was halal.. and the dozy fraggle went off to ask a manager! He came back about five minutes later and sort of shrugged and told me “ eee sez it’s vegetarian”. I replied that cows are vegetarian, you don’t see many vampire cows do you but – cows are sneaky – they can be halal too! I could not believe it when he went off to check again so we scarpered before he came back with security!!

Deffo think I’ll have to pull that stunt again heh heh heh Maybe not in Wegmans though, they kind of anticipate me there now. It’s very disheartening.

On a bright side, Titselina Bumsqueak says shopping with me is an excellent method of keeping fit as she never knows WHEN she’ll have to leg it.. just that its extremely likely!

That’s quite a nice compliment for me, she normally calls me a crazy old bag 🙂

28 thoughts on “How To Liven Up Grocery Shopping – Or NOT..

  1. I, like you, am easily confused (wait, I haven’t finished that sentence yet…) by people announcing being vegetarian by choice and then choosing to eat things like quorn designed to imitate meat, which is basically flagging that you’re really regretting giving up meat and doing it half-cocked.

    I look forward to the Yoda wisdom becoming true ‘Eat meat, or do not eat meat..there is no Quorn…’ (I’m quoting that from memory, I think it’s right. )

    Lovin’ your work… 🙂

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  2. If ever you are in my neck of the woods please please stop by the store I work in I think that it would be absolutely hilarious to watch you confuse and cunfuddle staff. I would stand back and watch you work while laughing the whole time. Is that terrible of me?

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  3. always a laugh, I can’t believe the shop guy went and asked if the quorn was halal?!!!! really? he definitely didn’t see you coming otherwise he would have legged it. That’s the sort of food I get when everyone has gone out and I am on my own, nice to have a treat or two or three or four LOL

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  4.  “I replied that cows are vegetarian, you don’t see many vampire cows do you but – cows are sneaky – they can be halal too!”


    I like you! You make me laugh. Lovely! 😄

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  5. Did you get the comment I left on this yesterday (Tuesday)? I seem to have had problems with comments not appearing on other blogs yesterday (my comment was awesomely awful so you can’t miss it, in case it’s gone to the spam folder, which I hope it is rather that it mysteriously just disappearing..?) Argh I hate WordPress sometimes, not sure why it glitches out and refuses to post my comments correctly.x


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