On Burning the Flag.

Yesterday while I was driving home after shopping, I was sat in traffic at a four way intersection. A big Suburban came hurtling around from the right with lights and sirens and a local fire department logo on its side. Next a white pick up came through the red light with lights and sirens. Both headed down the road I’d just driven up.

I knew the fire engines wouldn’t be far behind and sure enough, as I started forward, they appeared about two blocks ahead of me. I finished crossing the intersection and pulled in so they could pass when they got to me, there was a queue of traffic on their side so they’d need to pass on mine.

There was a big Ford 150 behind me which couldn’t fail to see the fire engines right over the roof of my mini but what do you know – God was driving. He overtook me and sailed blithely down the middle of the road forcing the fire trucks to wait on his divine right. Not only was he an unconscionable ARSE – he broke the law.

Who in their right mind blocks the passage of a fire engine? What can possibly be more important than saving lives and property? I was incensed and if half the bad things happen to him that I was muttering in my way home he’s going to be one sorry son of a gun. He was the final straw prompting this post.

This weekend saw local idiots setting fire to flags flying from peoples houses. Due to trespass, the destruction of private property and the potential for razing houses, I believe the perpetrators should face heavy fines and/or jail time on every count. The wanton disregard for lives, others property and the potential extra load on emergency services warrants this.

There are those who believe burning the flag of the United States of America will cause change. That their wanton destruction merits consideration of an opinion they don’t have the decency or respect to portray any other way.

They seem to think their ignorance will result in change.

I think not.

I think disrespectfully destroying our flag is unacceptable and should be a punishable offense.

The Stars and Stripes represents America not its politics. It’s been around for over a quarter of a millennium and will outlive all of our political petty squabbles and divisiveness.

It represents Americans coming together to overthrow a oppressive foreign power.

It’s the symbol of Freedom. The symbol of Hope. Endurance, Loyalty and Honor.

It’s the symbol of the blood, sweat and tears of every American who has worked and fought to make this country great.

It’s the symbol of us.

Soldiers die to protect it.


It’s not because it’s just a pretty piece of material stitched in a pleasing pattern.

They die for it because it represents us, each individual American and all we hold dear.

Before I ever moved here to America, if you asked me what I liked most about Americans I would have answered immediately “their patriotism”.

I feel such a surge of pride when I see the Stars and Stripes flying over a business, school or home.

To me its the story of us each and every American and all of our states.

I don’t believe it has any place in mere politics. It transcends every party and politician. It’s us – we the people. Long may it fly.

As such I am horrified and heartbroken and bloody angry when I see one being burned as a political statement.

Burn an effigy of Trump or Obama.. Clinton or any other politician – I’ll support your right all the way. I’ll think you’re a twat but that’s MY right.

Burn the flag? You’re hurting me, not them. I’m America. You’re America. We The People are the building blocks of America – not the politicians.

I’ll stand behind the flag. I’ll stand beside the flag. I’ll stand under the flag but I’ll never stand on the flag and you can bet your ass anyone who does in my presence will be eating through a straw until they see the error of their ways.

35 thoughts on “On Burning the Flag.

  1. I agree with what you have said 100%.

    The same in the UK except that here people think you some kind of hateful racist just by flying the flag, at least it is respected in the US by most.

    I have great belief in democracy and if people have concerns, in freedom of speech, but like you said, they need to articulate their words properly and behave responsibly to bring about the change they want, not behave like ignorant vandals. Riots never solved anything.


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  2. Agreed.
    There is not much else to say aside from what you already did. The flag, the anthem… Absolutely ridiculous actions people take.
    And you’re right – I’m not sure why, but American patriotism is really something else.

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  3. Well said and I applaud your patriotism. I do agree that setting fire to other people’s flags is a crime of vandalism, and possibly arson. However, much as I disagree with it in principle, I will defend a flag burning as a first amendment right to free speech. That freedom means more to me than all the patriotism in the world.

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    1. I kind of get that – and agree in part as with taking a knee but to me, the fact remains, if the only way you (figure of speech – not YOU!!) can convey your opinion is through disrespect and violence then you don’t have an opinion worth anyone’s time. Freedom of speech doesn’t give freedom from responsibility or consequences. I’m free to practise hate speech but that doesn’t make it right. I think there are people who interpret freedom of speech as freedom from consequences and also, actions aren’t speech.
      Gosh this sounds like I’m being very argumentative and that’s not my intent! I’m just trying to explain my thinking further!

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  4. I feel that kind of behavior is like spitting in the graves of those who sacrificed their lives so they could act like morons. Freedom is a double edged sword for sure.

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  5. I agree, the patriotism that America has is incredible, and is made up by every single individual American. This is all lost in England until it comes to kicking a rubber ball around a field while drinking beer. I completely understand your stand.

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  6. Totally agree, now not to dampen this proud post , mm, maybe l should drop a few empty spaces here, two tics ,

    I have tagged you for today’s 321 which is NO surprise because you knew! However l am not sure if you have the talent needed for today’s topic … The Art of conversation … running for the hills.


    But on a serious note, NO ONE should burn the flag of their country ever, it is not just against morals, l consider it an act of treason! For years during conflict the one emblem of a country that was always to be saved were the colours – because the colours represent the people, not the politics!

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  7. My 2 biggest peeves are people who don’t realize how lucky they are and drivers who think they are more important than anyone else on the road. I understand your inspiration and love your posts!

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  8. I agree with some of your post, and I know few will agree with my position, but it does not matter whether we agree or disagree on whether flag burning is right or wrong, it is protected by the Constitution and was upheld by the Supreme Court. We may not agree with their action, but it is their right to do so. That is not to say that damaging other people’s property, endangering lives, etc. should be allowed.


  9. I remember my husband (a US Citizen) remarking to me when I got my Green Card that there was one thing he could do and I can’t. Burn the flag. I responded that I thought that was wholly wrong and that no-one should be allowed to do that – you have succeeded in putting most eloquent meat on the bones of what I said. And we both agree with every word wholeheartedly.

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  10. Damn, the same people that clamor for the 1ST, always want to stand aside when the flag is being burnt, yet step on the Quran and all hell breaks loose. Great article, welcome to the team, the Greatest Team in the World and all of History, AMERICA!

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  11. A world wherein “education” is over social media, where the ignorant can hide behind a keyboard, while the angry mobs can go out in the cover of darkness or in the droves like coyote packs to scream at those of us that just want to love and live. Nature takes out the weak of the herd, we give them cell phones.

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