Cruisin’ Through An Upstate Summer!

We took our happy asses to Seneca Falls in upstate NY this weekend to see a whole pile of classic cars.

Seneca Falls is a historic little town in the heart of the Finger Lakes aka WINE country!!

There are literally hundreds of wineries around about. Wines are predominantly Germanic, at least the better ones are with some truly excellent Rieslings.

Seneca Falls is set between Seneca and Cayuga lakes and it’s main claim to fame is that it was the setting for the fictional town of Bedford Falls in the Classic Christmas film, ‘it’s a wonderful life’. There’s a Wonderful Life festival weekend every year and all mail posted there is stamped ‘Bedford Falls’ which is a cute thing for those of us diehards who still send real Christmas cards!

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and I had a fabulous time seeing all the old cars so I thunked I’d share some pics

45 thoughts on “Cruisin’ Through An Upstate Summer!

    1. Seneca Falls also has the Women’s hall of Fame between here and Waterloo is where the Women’s movement started. Waterloo is also the birthplace of Memorial Day which is very cool too. Then there’s Watkins Glen about 45 minutes away at the other end of Seneca Lake with a stunning waterfall you can walk behind as well as the famous motor racing circuit. The bottom of Cayuga Lake has Ithaca, home of some stunning scenery and Cornell. Tons of winery pit stops on both lakes too!


  1. This is some really cool stuff. The hearse van looks spooky though. Nevertheless the idea was great there.

    P. S.: It was so heart-warming to know that there are people ou there who still send Christmas cards. The feeling of receiving one is just so wonderful!😄

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  2. Love it, there are also “Duce” days on Vancouver Island here in BC, I love seeing the antique cars, some drive up here from as far as Texas with one one these old cute things.

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    1. Some of the paint jobs are amazing! There was one newer car there – pretty much the last photos and it was rainbow paint – it changed every time you moved. I’ve seen other similar paint but none as amazing as this. It was incrediblr

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