I’m Glad I Tell Ya! Glad Up To Here!

There’s a lot of crap on social media. A lot of ‘if you don’t do x then y will die/Bill Gates will donate a dollar/ share this or you don’t care about cancer etc.

it really pisses me off that people are so gullible or so in need of approval they repost and share this bollocks. Seriously, how is posting your shoe size and the colour of your knickers going to cure breast cancer? Some people’s children huh?!

Every now and then however, you see something that really catches your fancy. I saw a thankful tag doing the rounds on Facebook and Twitter and I pretty much ignored it because I don’t really post on either platform. I just read. It’s a nice game though and it’s made it here.

I was tagged by the wonderful Kristian at Tales From The Mind Of Kristian to take part in an A-Z of reasons to be thankful and I’m all for stopping and counting your blessings so here’s my list of things I appreciate! Some are heartfelt, some are tongue in cheek – but what else would you expect from me?!

A – Adultery. Without it I would still be married to my ex and wouldn’t be here in the US with ‘im indoors, happy as a clam apart from the SNFOW outside. It might not have felt like it at the time but my ex’s adultery was one of the best things that ever happened. I’m thankful for scheming, conniving, lying bastards and the fact I’m not married to one any more.

B – Blogging of course! I absolutely love the community here. I’ve learned so much in the last nine months, my life is better as a result so I sincerely thank you all. I’m very thankful I found WordPress.

C – Canada. They take the worst of the snow for those of us living in Northern states. I thank you Canada- you make ‘eh’? while the sun shines but a little less of the lake effect would be nice too – jus’ sayin.. I’d be very thankful for that!

D – Dinosaur slippers. They keep my feet warm and my animals scared. What’s not to love? I’m thankful for my joy in silliness

E – Enemies. They say love thy enemy and while I wouldn’t go that far, they’ve made me the person I am. Whether it’s an enemy of my health or heart, I can rise above it and live well. You can’t be brave without being afraid first. I’m thankful for my enemies and knowing I can always defeat them.

F – Fungle the Bog Monster. He’s been my partner in crime for ten years now and never fails to catch people short when they’re already caught short! He’s given me a lot of laughs

G – Green. Green is such an uplifting colour. It’s spring and summer. It’s food, it’s life. It’s the happiest of times. I’m thankful for grass and trees.

H – Home. I love to travel but there’s no where like home. Home is where you’re loved. Home is safety, security,belonging. You can be at home at work, on a train, in a store. Home is where you love and are loved in return. I’m thankful for my family and friends who love me in spite of just as I am

I – Ice. In my Coke Zero. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but I am a dreadful ice cruncher. I don’t care what anyone else says, it’s an addiction and I have it. I’m thankful my ice is made with clean water that’s safe to drink.

J – Jamaican Patties. Seriously. I love these things. My friends mum used to make these for us growing up and a warm spicy patty with a pineapple soda can cure every heartache.

K – Kids. I’m very lucky to be a mum, it’s a privilege not everyone gets. Being a mum is hard work at times, long hours for no pay and a lot of heartache but the good times? Oh they’re priceless and that’s the beauty of being a mum, you forget the hard bits and have a heart full of golden memories.

L – Loo Roll. This is one of the most under appreciated luxuries in the world!

M – Mini Cooper. I love my little car. It takes me to see the people I love and on fantastic adventures. It’s cuteness has got me out of a speeding ticket too.

N – North Carolina. My second favourite state. It’s where I want to move to. Texas has the biggest part of my heart but ‘im indoors doesn’t want to move there. I do really love NC though.

O – Onions. What’s your favourite vegetable? I bet no one things of onions first and yet, they improve so many things. Nothing smells better when your hungry than frying onions.

P – Plastic Cockroaches. Oh I’ve had such fun with these this year and Christmas is coming! The kids will all be here and I will have an abundance of victims!

Q – Queen Elizabeth the Second. I think she’s wonderful. She’s been Queen for longer than I’ve been alive. She’s the ONLY head of state living to have served in WW2. She’s such an amazing woman. She exemplifies all that is good in England. Long may She reign.

R – Rainbows. Rainbows are there because the sun shines through the rain. They’re a reminder that there’s beauty in everything. You might get wet, but you can sparkle while you do. Rainbows are optimism. They’re a reminder not to give up, there’s greatness ahead.

S – Snow Ploughs. And their operators of course. I’m grateful to those who get up at silly o’clock to keep the roads clear and safe. Thank you.

T – Taxes. Yeah don’t get me wrong, I don’t like paying them and I truly don’t appreciate the egregious waste of taxpayers money but I do appreciate the law enforcement and military that keep me safe. The street lights and the snow ploughs, the parks, libraries and education. I’m thankful we have these services and more.

U – USA. I was born English. I’ve chosen to be an American Citizen. I’m very proud of my roots and heritage but it’s like a marriage. I’ve left the family home to make my own. I love America. I love the scenery, I love the values and most of all I love the people. People are what make America great. I love the generosity of spirit, the joy in seeing others succeed, the pride and the community. I’m very thankful to live in America and I try hard to show that by giving back.

V – Volunteers. Our local Fire Department is partly made up of volunteers. I’m blown away by this. People are willing to risk their lives and not even get paid. I don’t know if any of you realise this or not but volunteer Firefighters are just that. Volunteers. They don’t even get call out pay. If that doesn’t humble you I don’t know what will. God bless them all and keep them safe.

W – Warmth. I’m sitting here with a slight draught because there’s a vent open I can’t shut. I’m waiting for ‘im indoors to come in so he can close it for me. I’m chilly but the house is warm and I’m grateful that I’m not on the street. It’s brutally cold and I worry about those living outside. If you have an extra blanket or old clothes or boots, please help the homeless.

X – X Rays. How truly remarkable is it to be able to see an image of inside your body? I’ve had copious xrays, mammograms, ultrasounds, Colonoscopies, CTscans, MRI’s – the lot! I’m still amazed and a little in awe of them all. Seeing your innards on a tv screen is jaw dropping. Seeing your child moving, a little grainy blob on a screen.. you’re a stronger person than me if you don’t cry! I’m thankful to live in an age with such wonders.

Y – Youth. Age is just a number. Your attitude is everything. If you have a youthful attitude, enthusiasm, curiosity, passion, trust, joy – all attributes ascribed to youth then you’ll never grow ‘old’. Don’t lose your wonder. It’s an amazing world, fall under its spell. I’m thankful for all the amazing things I see and experience.

Z – Zest Be it zest for my lemon cake or just a zest for life, we all need that combination of sweet/sour to feel alive! The zing and zip are what keep a spring in our step. When you’re going through a bad time, the sour bit, it’s important to remember that’s just a precursor to the sweet. You need the sour to truly appreciate the splendor of the sweetness of life. I’m thankful for it all. No regrets, BRILLIANT memories.

70 thoughts on “I’m Glad I Tell Ya! Glad Up To Here!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    It’s really refreshing to hear how much you love the states. I mean it gets a bad rep at the moment with Mr T in charge, but there are so many pretty natural places I’d like to visit and lovely friendly people. It’s just a shame how messed up it is with guns and healthcare.

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  2. Great list.
    I’m glad you mentioned clean water because so many throughout the world simply don’t have that. It’s a luxury that has become a necessity for us and you talking about it reminds me not to take it for granted.

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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    1. Me and you both! I love cheese and onion sandwiches with a stack of pickled onions on the side! I’m a bit of a greedy guys where pickled onions are concerned! It’d be a sorry dinner without onions! Happy Thanksgiving Botty!!

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  3. I had trouble with U, V, X, Y & Z. Volunteers is a good catch. I love the North Carolina/Texas synchronicity with us. I’ve loved living in both, tho, Texas not having a personal income tax is a plus.

    Your Mini-Cooper reminds me of when I was a Driver’s License Examiner. On the way to a road test with a mid-morning customer, a guy was coming out to leave in his after a renewal. His tag said ‘TARDIS’ and I started to giggle. I said “Love the tag.” He said (in a Brit accent I couldn’t identify) “You know what they say about Mini-Coopers…bigger on the inside than on the outside.” I continued to giggle thru the road test.

    The next memory is a Brit guy that I gave a road test to in his Mini. He pulled us out of the parking lot only to begin driving on the left-hand side of US Hwy. 70. He didn’t immediately correct so, I said “Do you remember what country you are in?” “Oh, S***!” And, to his credit, he didn’t jerk the wheel in horror and throw us both in the ditch on the other side. He calmly moved to the right side and sighed…”I guess I just failed.” I said “Keep driving.” His road test was excellent and, when we pulled back into the parking lot, I told him “Examiners have discretion. You know how to drive and, luckily, the traffic was light. I’m quite sure you would have remembered driving protocol, quickly, if you had been staring into the path of an oncoming truck…never mind my screaming. Your correction was smooth after I pointed out your improper trajectory. THAT tells me a lot right there.” I passed him. He ‘technically’ failed by NC standards (crossing the double yellow lines) but, extenuating circumstances being what they were…

    Happy Thanksgiving, Britches!!!

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    1. I like the examiners story! I took my test here because I didn’t want to surrender my UK license. I learned to drive in central London. My first lesson had me driving around Marble Arch as far as Baker Street and parking in London is a nightmare. He asked me to parallel park in a space about 15 ft long. I was driving a Durango and I just shot backwards straight into it. It was like parking a banana in the Shea Stadium lol. He said he’d never seen anyone parallel park so fast, I think I scared him!
      We really do have a lot in common 😊

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      1. We parted with the Durango a few years ago, gas guzzling rust bucket! Then we had a van for me but that wasn’t going to work so I bought the mini. Vans are deadly boring to drive. It’s about as much fun as eating cake with someone else’s mouth.
        I did take my test in NY – and the five hour course they make you do before you can take the test or swap your license!

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  4. I really enjoyed your answers to this Britchy! I also remember something which was ubsurdly being passed on FB a while back… The free car thing from Tyler Perry which turned out to be squash. Who comes up with those crazy things? And I agree with you… don’t fall for them! 🙂

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  5. Nice list! 🙂

    I also can’t stand those “share this or else” type of crap, and never understood why anyone would actually share it. Had to block a lot of people on FB cuz of it. 😀

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  6. Oh and people should really beware of those “games” that go around on FB and such. The ones that have you list your first pet, or first car, or your childhood friend. While they are barely disguised…don’t they seem amazingly similar to the security questions you have to answer for your bank account and credit cards?? Hmmmmm

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    1. Not all the steps on a journey are enjoyable, but all are needed to get you where you need to be. Both my ex’s were hard lessons but I definitely think both rotten experiences ultimately made me a better person. I certainly learned a lot of positive things.

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  7. I love ice too. When my husband and I were in our 20’s we took a trip to Belize and I had a hard time living without my crunchy treat of ice. That was the first time I realized that ice is not available everywhere, especially in the jungle.
    Love those plastic cockroaches. We got my brother-in-law once with one. He sneered at our “Filthy kitchen filled with bugs” once while visiting and saw one on our fridge. He has always been a bit sour with his younger brother (my husband) so I was expecting that. I walked over to our fridge and pulled the bug off and laughed while I handed it to him. I made it into a fridge magnet. He thought that was so cool that he wanted to borrow it. A bag of plastic cockroaches makes a fun gift to give out.

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    1. Oh I loved everything ‘Big Helen’ cooked! Her mutton stew, plantains, rice and peas – the whole shebang. She was so funny to listen to as well with her stories. I miss her very much but won’t ever forget her. She used to call me the white sheep of the family! I definitely was family there. She was a great lady.

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  8. Great writing. Fun mix of g-britchy and grateful. Starting A with Adultery was a smart kick-off. Loved the Enemies entry; your comment about “an enemy of my health or heart” broadened the idea of enemy; that one will stay with me. I’m clueless about Fungle your bog monster, Jamaican patties (and pineapple soda!?!), and loo roll, but, no matter, I was totally entertained, all the way to Z. Big fun. Big warmth. Thankful to have found your blog.

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    1. Jamaican patties are like a spicy beef hand pie – both Walmart and BJ’s sell them here and pineapple soda is just a carbonated soft drink. I’m going to go back and add the pic of Fungle in action. He’s a monster that pops out of the toilet when you raise the lid!
      Loo roll is another of my ‘Englishisms’ I guess! It’s toilet paper! The loo is a common expression for toilet.

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    1. Yup! I had a cop say he couldn’t give me a ticket with such a cute little car but next time drive it slower!
      We’re allowed differing opinions on the Royals, I think she’s definitely the best of the bunch! I am happy to let others have their opinion too though, that’s only right.

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