Day 8 on the Magical Musical Advent Calendar

I’m really enjoying this, it’s not to late to play catch up if you want to! It’s a lot of fun seeing what you all are picking.

Today’s prompt is A song about drugs or alcohol. Well here’s to you, my lovely friends in low places!

This song always reminds me of St Patrick’s Day and what a great time we had. It was playing everywhere we went.

Drinking Problem – Midland

You can’t have a party without these! This song is just fun. It’s witty and it says ‘Freddy Mac kiss my ass’. Profound.

Red Solo Cup – Toby Keith

Fellas, THIS is perfect. It’s also the safest in this day and age so

Take A Drink Girl Home – Chris Jansen

And finally, one of the cheesiest, sleeziest songs about a pair of cheating toe rags – we all love it! Hurray for skanks!

The Pina Colada Song – Rupert Holmes

20 thoughts on “Day 8 on the Magical Musical Advent Calendar

      1. HAHA we shall suffer together! Thankfully this cold that has taken hold in my body is making it really difficult for me to focus on things so that helps with the song

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      1. Ok, well I posted the same thing on Nova’s page but it seems to have disappeared as well.

        I just linked the videos to Pee Wee Herman dancing to the Song Tequila in Pee Wee’s first movie:

        And Pina Colada from Dirty Work:

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  1. Dammit, just happened again

    Anyway, I just tried to link the videos of Pee Wee Herman dancing to Tequila in a biker bar in his first movie.

    And a clip from the movie Dirty Work, where they get into a bar fight while Pina Colada is playing in the background

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