Day 7 on the Magical Musical Advent Calendar

Yes, my third post of the day! If I’d thought about it like a sensible person I’d have saved the monstrous mosh mash of ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ until tomorrow – but heigh ho, it’s that lack of restraint issue again!!

So today’s prompt is A song to drive to. I do a lot of driving. A LOT! I’ve managed over 28,000 just on long distance trips this year. We can easily add another 15,000 for local-ish trips so a good playlist is essential! I like lively upbeat music in the car. It keeps me invigorated. I love my country music in the car and tune into country stations every time I can find them and revert to my iPod when I can’t. I love this song in the car or out of it. It was a really hard choice but when I was scrolling this was the one I couldn’t pass.

Burning Love – Elvis

Driving up towards Teide in Tenerife

15 thoughts on “Day 7 on the Magical Musical Advent Calendar

  1. Probably not in the correct seasonal mood: I can’t hear that song without thinking of a cat we had. She loved to sit in front of our convectional heater (only on when we were in the room). That type of heater radiates directly to the front. One day she got too close and the heater began to steam. I pushed her away before anything happened, but all I could think of was that we might have had a hunka hunka burnin’ cat. (We moved the heater to prevent any future episodes.)

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    1. I’m surprised I haven’t had to take pets to the vets in the past for the same reason. I had a little fan heater I kept by my desk because I get cold but I had to get rid of it because one of the cars kept sleeping on it and blocking the air vents. Cats can be such fire hazards!

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