Days 27 – 30 On The Magical Musical Advent Calendar

I’ve been banjaxed for a couple of days so I’m playing almighty catchup here with days 27 through 30. Ironically I’m finishing the challenge the same way I started it, en block!

Day 27A song that breaks your heart’ I think we can’t get past puberty without having a song that breaks our hearts. There are songs I can’t bear because they just crucify me. Seasons In The Sun by Terry Jacks was the first I remember making me cry. I was only little too. My mum loved those maudlin songs especially about kids or mothers dying. It’s a wonder I can even remember it because I tried so hard not to think about it – I’m surprised I can remember it!

When my beloved George was so sick just before he died, I’d left him at the vets for IV fluids. I’d gone grocery shopping as he was going to be there a couple of hours. I was still optimistic he could fight back at this point. I was singing away to this on the radio when I got a call from the vet to say she couldn’t get a line in without collapsing veins and I knew.

Still can’t listen to it.

Livin’ thing – ELO

Day 28 A song by an artist who’s voice you love. How do you choose? You hit shuffle, it always picks a winner for me!

Weak In The Presence Of Beauty – Alison Moyet

Day 29 A song you remember from your childhood. I bloody loved the Wimbledon! This was an instant decision


Remember You’re A Womble – The Womble

Day 30 A song that reminds you of yourself. How do you condone yourself to one song? I think we all have more than one song in us, from many genres too. I’ve loved Dolly Parton since before I knew what music was. Her music was infused in me before I was even born by my mum I think. If I could only pick one song it had to be hers.Shes one of my greatest heroes. I think this works on more than one level. The eagle is a bird I’m proud to both represent and be represented by. Some will understand that analogy more than others.

An Eagle When She Flies – Dolly Parton

24 thoughts on “Days 27 – 30 On The Magical Musical Advent Calendar

  1. I remember that Terry Jacks song. So depressing…

    I feel for you with George. I was a mess when I lost my Manx, Pooh. Pancreatic cancer got him (I thought that was just a people disease) and I held him as they put him to sleep. It’s damn hard to lose babies. You never forget them.

    Love Dolly. You know, on that very theme, I nearly posted ‘Eagle’ by ABBA.

    SD Gates mentioned Cats In The Cradle. I could have posted that for myself, as well but, I went with SOB from Lisa Marie Presley.

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    1. Im so sorry about Pooh. Losing furry babies is beyond my powers of description it’s so painful. I still miss George horribly, it’s not easier yet.
      I love ABBA too. That’s a brilliant song


  2. So sorry about George. I had a similar experience…. our old cat was starting to fail and I made an appointment with the vet for the afternoon. Had to work in the morning, and as I was driving home this sappy country song about losing your best friend came on and I immediately thought of our cat, made me sob the whole way. When I got home.. he had passed and was laying on my pillow. If that song ever comes on the radio? I break into tears… silly. But there it is.

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  3. I was just listening to Seasons In The Sun today………. I decided not to add it to my blog jukebox. So very sorry about George….. it’s so difficult when we part ways with our beloved furbabies. 😦

    Here’s one from George to you…………… he’ll always be with you. 💗🐱

    [audio src="" /]

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